Just like you, I would expect more than the obvious if I’m to fork out up to 200 dollars for an RC car.

For a start, I would want greater power and speed, an exceptional car rich in clever features, a ton of quality fun, and plenty of room for customization.

Now, the question you may be asking yourself is: how to choose the best one?

Well, I've done that for you, here’s a complete overview of the Top 10 remote control cars and trucks under $200.

Best Choice
1:16 Brushless Large RC Cars 55+ kmh Speed - Kids and Adults Remote Control Car review
1:16 Laegendary Sonic RC Truck
  • Run Time: 30 minutes+
  • Speed: 33 mph
  • 2x 7.2V 1000maH LI-PO Batteries

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Redcat Racing Blackout SC 1/10 Scale Electric Short Course Truck with Waterproof Electronics Vehicle, Blue review
Redcat Racing Blackout SC 1/10 Scale Electric Short Course Truck with Waterproof Electronics Vehicle, Blue
  • Charger included
  • Speed: 22 mph
  • 7.2V 3000mAh NiMH Battery

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Also Great
1:10 Scale Large RC Cars 48+ kmh Speed - Boys Remote Control Car 4x4 Off Road Monster Truck Electric review
Laengendary RC Monster Truck
  • Run Time: 30 minutes
  • Speed: 30 mph
  • 7.4V 1600mAh Li-ion Battery

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Very Durable
Redcat Racing Volcano EPX - 4WD Monster Truck - 1/10 Scale - RTR - Red review
Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Monster Truck
  • Run Time: 10-20 minutes
  • Speed: 15-20 mph
  • 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH Battery

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Hosim Large Size 1:10 Scale High Speed 46km/h 4WD 2.4Ghz Remote Control Truck 9125,Radio Controlled Off-road RC Car Electronic Monster Truck R/C RTR Hobby Grade Cross-country Car (Black) review
Hosim Large Size Remote Control Truck 9125
  • Run Time: 10-15 minutes
  • Speed: 30 mph
  • 7.4V 1600mAH Li-ion-PO Battery

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Monster Truck
Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler with Waterproof Electronics, 2.4Ghz Radio Control (1/10 Scale), Blue/Black review
Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler
  • 540 Brushed motor
  • Waterproof electronics
  • 7.2V NiMH Battery

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Traxxas 1/10 Scale Rustler 2WD Stadium Truck, Blue review
Traxxas 1/10 Scale Rustler 2WD Stadium Truck
  • Run Time: 15-30 minutes
  • Speed: 35 mph
  • 3000mAh NiMh Battery (not included)

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Traxxas - 36054-1- Voiture Radiocommandé - Stampede - Xl-5 - Ready To Race - Monster Truck review
Traxxas Stampede - Xl-5 Monster Truck
  • Run Time: 20 minutes
  • Speed: 30+ mph
  • 7-Cell NiMH 3000mAh Traxxas iD Battery

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Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car with 7.2V 2000mAh Battery, 2.4GHz Radio and BL10315 Body (1/10 Scale), Metallic Blue review
Redcat Racing EPX Drift RC Car
  • One of the best drifting rc cars
  • Hard drift tires
  • 7.2V 2000mAh Battery

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1/14th Tacon Soar Buggy RC Brushless Ready to Run review
1/14th Tacon Soar RC Buggy
  • Run Time: 12 minutes
  • Speed: 20-25 mph
  • 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH Battery

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Tamiya America, Inc 1/10 Racing Fighter 2WD Off Road Buggy DT03 Kit, TAM58628 review
Tamiya America Racing Fighter 2WD Off Road Buggy
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Speed: 15-20 mph
  • Remote control and Battery not included

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Exceed RC 1/10 2.4Ghz Electric DriftStar RTR Drift Car (Carbon Yellow) review
Exceed RC Electric DriftStar Drift Car
  • Run Time: 15 minutes
  • Speed: 30 mph
  • 7.2V 1800maH Ni-MH Battery

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Laegendary Sonic 1/16

This is Triton’s bigger brother and it’s a different kind of beast. For the price, you get a brushless motor with a 35A ESC, oil-filled shock absorbers, 2 LiPo 1000mAh batteries, and even a LiPo fireproof bag in case you want to fly with it.

Sonic is the best RC cars for 200$ price you can buy in the 1/16 scale. The bathtub chassis is made from thick durable plastic, making it impossible to bend.

The two batteries can be connected individually or both at the same time, doubling the capacity with a small speed penalty due to the extra weight.

The Sonic is IPX4 rated meaning it’s pretty tough and able to withstand the usual, for this type of car, bushing.

The motor is perky but the 34mph top speed that the manufacturer gives might be a bit optimistic. It can drive on the mud with no problem and the 4x4 system with the two differentials gives it more than enough grip for every occasion.

The independent wishbone suspension is excellent and pretty tough with ball bearings in the wheel hubs and metal dogbone shafts.

A top-quality RC car that, with a bit of care, will last you for years.

Top Features

  • Product Dimension: 10.2 x 9.25 x 4.5 inches
  • Vehicle Battery: 2xLi-Po 7.4V, 1000 mAh
  • Speed: 33 mph
  • Run Time: 30 minutes
  • Battery Required: 2 AA


  • Oil-filled shocks
  • Two batteries
  • Good battery life
  • Brushless motor


  • Front bumper is a bit flimsy

Redcat Racing Blackout

This is an entry-level 1/10 RC truck with a brushed motor, a 3000 mAh NiMh battery, and a good price.

Sure, it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but still features oil-filled shock absorbers, adjustable camber and toe, a 40A ESC that can also take LiPo batteries, and a nice 2.4 GHz transmitter.

The RC550 motor won’t set any records but is enough to move the big truck at a good pace.

The battery time is around 10 minutes which is not bad, but the problem is that the charging time with the included charger is around 8 hours.

That’s a lot, and upgrading to a 2S LiPo will improve things significantly. The adjustable suspension works great, keeping the Blackout stable and absorbing the energy from jumps fairly well.

The radio controller is great but will need 8AA batteries which are not included. The steering servo is a bit underpowered but it’s also waterproof.

All in all, the Blackout is one of the cheapest hobby-grade RC cars in 1/10 in the market and does pretty well in most aspects.

It’s also future-proof having many upgrades available like brushless motor, LiPo batteries, and beefier servos.

Top Features

  • Product Dimension: 18.3 x 11.2 x 5.5 inches
  • Vehicle Battery: NiMh 7.2V, 3000 mAh
  • Speed: 20 mph
  • Run Time: 10 minutes
  • Battery Required: 8 AA


  • Price
  • Good suspension
  • Very sturdy


  • The steering servo is a bit weak

LÆGENDARY Off-Road Monster Truck

Just as described, this is a well-made off-road giant, but that’s just one of the many favorite things about it.

Here’s what parents love the most:

It’s super quick and too powerful, even in punishing terrains, and can take a beating yet never fail to deliver astonishing performance in your next adventure.

Also, it’s a lot of fun to drive and just about every kid craves for one now. Here’s your chance to surprise them with something they’ll cherish for years to come.

Overall, this is an amazing RC car with a great price. Plus, it’s well-built, fast, durable, powerful and completely able to maintain the true spirit of real monster trucks.

Top Features

  • Two brushed built-in motors
  • Reaches a top speed of 30mph ( 48km/h)
  • Oil-filled metal shocks
  • 4 GHz radio system with a range of up to 80m
  • Performance tires with advanced tread design
  • Two speed modes: low and high
  • Two LiPo 7.4V 1600mAh rechargeable batteries


  • The two powerful LiPo batteries bump up run time to 30 minutes just so that you can have enough playtime with your truck
  • Comes equipped with metal oil-filled shocks that can withstand high jumps, and uneven rough terrains
  • Has versatile heavy-duty tires (with sponge inserts) made out of sophisticated rubber compounds, enabling them to offer superior grip off-road and perform just as good on concrete or asphalt surfaces
  • Laegendary treats their customers well. Trust them to help you with any challenges you encounter while in possession of this truck
  • Comes ready to run and complete with two selectable speed modes to match your skill level


  • No waterproof capabilities

Redcat Racing Volcano EPX - 4WD Monster Truck

Off-road purists who’ve interacted with the Volcano EPX call it a capable daredevil. And they are right. Visualize this truck this way. It can smash into punishing obstacles, climb up rocky terrains, and speed through uneven terrains.

It no doubts scores a bull’s eye. Here’s the part that will even interest you more:

This monster truck is fully adjustable and upgradable with custom aftermarket parts.

What’s more, it’s packed with solid features that make it a capable beast even as a stock truck.

Fast, powerful, and fun to drive, the Volcano EPX ticks off all the boxes when it comes to the best rc truck under $200.

Plus, it comes fully-equipped to maneuver just about any terrain, making it a great remote conrol car for the adventurous kids.

Top Features

  • 19T brushed 550 electric motor complete with a heat sink to regulate the temperature
  • 8 tunable aluminum-capped oil shocks
  • 4 independent tunable suspensions
  • Low center of gravity aluminum chassis
  • 4GHz radio system
  • Utilizes a 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH battery
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Adjustable and upgradable


  • The fully tunable suspensions and aluminum-capped shocks paired with the high-performance massive tires enable the truck to maintain stability, decent speed, and handle well over uneven terrains
  • Addition of the hexfly high-torque steering servo enhances the drive capabilities of the Volcano EPX by supplying more power to enable it to survive extreme off-road situations
  • The high ground clearance, combined with the large wheels enable the truck to take all sorts of punishment without having its body harmed. This durability is reinforced further with a tough chassis, transmission cover, and sealed electronics casings, all of which perform protective functions.
  • You can adjust the suspension and ride height for maximum traction and performance


  • The transmitter has proportional control which gives the user more control but also makes play a bit difficult for younger children

Hosim Electronic Monster Truck R/C RTR Hobby Grade Cross-country Car - 9125

If I were you I would buy this off-road racer without a second thought and here’s why:

It’s very quick, filled with power, and versatile enough to accommodate both kids and adults. Then there’s a long list of solid features completed by a reputation that speaks to its greatness.

Not to forget that this truck promises tons of fun and a performance that will leave you or youngster’s completely satisfied.

Long story short, this RC car is an absolute beast.

Hosim Monster Truck no doubt runs exceptionally well and handles great. Most folks and their younger ones attest to that. So, expect no less than what it promises.

It's unquestionable one of the best RC trucks for this price in the market now!

Top Features

  • High-performance wheels that come mounted with spring materials for shock absorption
  • Two-speed modes: half and full speed
  • Four suspension links and springs
  • Durable, high-quality POE gearbox
  • Powered by 1600mAH Li-ion-PO battery
  • Has double 390 brushed motors
  • 2.4GHz radio system with a range of up to 80m/262ft


  • Has anti-skid heavy-duty wheels that are soft, elastic, and resistant to shocks. They guarantee great speed and traction, no matter the surface/terrain
  • Availability of two-speed modes qualifies this truck as ideal for starters and seasoned users as well
  • The two motors? These two supply enough power, enabling this monster to face off with any off-road obstacle
  • The truck’s body, together with the tires, all enjoy IPX4 waterproof level, making weather the least of your concern when driving it
  • Expect great customer care services, regardless of the issue you’ll encounter along the way
  • Has a tough Lexan body that can withstand severe crashes, flips, or wall knocks


  • Plastic spring shocks make it vulnerable to damage under extreme driving conditions. I suggest you replace them with oil-filled ones.
  • You may not explore its full potential in a small area; it works best in big open areas, say a park.

Redcat Racing Everest RC Truck - The Best RC Truck under $200

Anything your favorite monster truck does, trust this Redcat Everest RC truck to do it even better, right out of the box.

Rock crawling is where it thrives, a feat it achieves because of its flexible speed control mechanism combined with fully-proportional steering.

By the way, If you are interested in that type of RC cars you should read my review of best rock crawlers which I did recently. You'll enjoy it!

Nearly every feature that’s been packed into this truck, from the solid chassis, the oil-filled shocks, and aggressive tires to locked diffs, powerful motor, and waterproof capabilities, qualify it as the ultimate option for climbing and conquering obstacles.

Of the few gravity-defying trucks you’ll run into, none probably comes as well-equipped as Everest’s, making it just the ideal gift to surprise your child or grandchildren with on their birthday or even better, during a holiday, say Christmas.

Are you looking for a gift for your son or daughter? I've made the complete guide for parents who can't choose the right car. Here it is 10 Best Remote Control Cars for Kids.

Top Features

  • Has a 54T RC540 brushed motor
  • Powered by 7.2V 2000mAh NiMH Battery
  • Aluminum chassis and shocks
  • Front and rear linked tunable suspensions
  • Aggressive bead-lock wheels
  • 4GHz radio system with four channels
  • Adjustable height


  • Comes already assembled, saving you the time and effort you would have needed to ready it for action
  • You can replace just about any part, meaning you don’t have to it toss it away when a part of it breaks or becomes dysfunctional
  • Adjustable suspensions, plenty of articulation, and moveable shock mounts allow you to set up the truck for more challenging encounters
  • The battery lasts longer – up to one hour, thus your kids are guaranteed of satisfactory fun time
  • 100% waterproof


  • A few plastic parts where metal would have been better. However, this was necessary to keep the price down.

Traxxas Rustler 2WD Stadium Truck - The Fastest RC car in this list

If you care about brand reputation, here’s a veteran who won’t betray your trust and expectations. Traxxas Rustler lives up to its name.

It’s simple but just as capable as any well-rated RC truck, and it will let you explore the extremes of RC racing you’ve never thought of before.

With its full suspension and a dozen smart features, this truck has succeeded at handling well and delivering a superior performance both on and off-road.

Traxxas Rustler is easily the fastest racing truck you’ll come across that rarely disappoints. What I loved most about it is that it’s feature-rich and easy to customize or repair.

I'm sure this is the best RC car in for the budget of 200 dollars that you can buy now.

Top Features

  • Uses the Titan 12-turn 550 modified motor
  • Top speed of 35+mph
  • Waterproof electronics
  • 4Ghz radio system
  • Off-road heavy-duty tires complete with foam inserts
  •  XL-5 Waterproof Electronic Speed Control


  • The truck’s body has been carefully pre-painted and trimmed from polycarbonate so as to protect internal components from damage
  • Boasts a neat and stylish design that makes it an easy attraction, especially for the little ones
  • Made with watertight sealed electronics thus leaving you with the freedom to ride into mud, snow, or puddles
  • Comes completely ready-to-race with special performance features such as low-profile servo, full suspensions, a modified motor, all of which contribute to its capable driving abilities
  • Thanks to the 12-turn 550 modified motor and XL-5 Electronic Speed Control, this truck can easily clock 35mph, making it one of the fastest RC trucks today
  • Has a patented training mode that slices the power into half, and distributes one portion to the brakes so as they are powerful enough for the young or beginners
  • You can upgrade it for faster speeds, more durability, and enhanced general performance


  • More could be done to its design to keep it up with modern trends in RC trucks

Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck

If the Hall of Fame made into the monster truck world:

When you pair the best of bold looks with superior performance, what you get is the Stampede Monster truck. So far, no truck easily matches its unique style, capabilities, and ability to withstand extreme situations.

If your wish is to get top value for the 200 dollars and enjoy a truck that has stood the test of time, look no further than the Traxxas Stampede Monster Truck.

Top Features

  • Ultra-tough suspensions
  • Easy to use
  • Uses the 12T 550 modified motor
  • Runs on a 7-Cell NiMH 3000mAh Traxxas iD battery.
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Tall ground clearance
  • Multiple speed modes
  • Can reach a top speed of 30+mph
  •  2.4 GHz radio system


  • It’s super easy to operate making it a perfect fit for starters and younger ones
  • With the waterproof electronics, you can maneuver the truck through puddles, mud, and snow, basically enjoy unlimited fun unstoppable by weather elements
  • Packed with innovative features, like the racing-style Magnum 272™ transmission propel, fiber-composite chassis, and the advanced Revo technology, all of which contribute towards its Stellar performance on and off-road
  • The tires come complete with foam inserts that give them the extra stability and traction to handle any surface
  • Thanks to the enormous ground clearance and ultra-tough suspensions, this truck is fully capable of maneuvering bumpy terrains and uneven surfaces at decent speeds without posing any danger to the internal components


  • Unable to make sharp turns at high speeds

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

Here’s what makes this drift car a great buy:

Elsewhere, say, when buying a Traxxas RC car, you’d pay extra bucks to get the powerful features and parts this EPX drift boasts of. But Redcat avails all of them for much less.

Plus, you’ll be getting a ton of customization options, basically a chance to turn into a more lethal drift car.

New to drifts and racing? If yes, this car would serve as a great start not just because it offers great value for money but also due to its capability to perform just as good as its seniors.

Here’s a cool video of rc drift cars in action to get you started and inspired:

Top Features

  • Aluminum-capped oil-filled shocks with selectable mounting positions
  • Has a 27T 540 brushed electric motor
  • Powered by 7.2v 2000 mAh NiMH rechargeable battery
  • Plastic chassis with aluminum plate
  • Drift-specific tires
  • Hexfly steering servo
  • Tunable independent suspensions
  • Waterproof electronics
  •  2.4 GHz radio system


  • Adjustable ride height, toe, and camber angle give the user the freedom to tune the truck to their preferred driving style
  • You have the option to upgrade or modify some of the parts, like wheels, suspensions, handling, motor, battery, etc. to make the car more powerful and capable
  • The plastic lightweight chassis enables this speedster to recover quickly from drifts and change direction without too much struggle
  • Made of polycarbonate, making it look vivid and attractive, which is a quality that kids - and even adults, mostly look out for. Even better, there are different bodies for you to choose from.
  • Forward and backward transmission makes it easier to control the car during drifts


  • The charger takes 8 hours to get the battery full. Thankfully, you can find a better alternative on Amazon that can achieve the same results in under an hour.

Exceed-RC Tacon Soar Buggy

What a fast buggy! Just about everyone, from the nitro guy to the off-road enthusiast, keeps raving about this well-engineered and powerful Tacon soar buddy. And they seem to be right.

Trust this little RC car to handle exceptionally well, even on that punishing terrain. It borrows the best of its seniors, the 1:18 scale buggies and trucks, then refines the borrowed features to deliver a winning performance.

Heck, it can even take a serious beating with that stock set up. Who wouldn’t crave for such a car?

With the Exceed-RC Tacon Soar Buggy, you get what you pay for. It’s a great buddy that will leave you with little to nothing to regret as an RC enthusiast.

Top Features

  • Runs on 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery
  • Aluminum-threaded oil-filled shocks
  • 4500 kV brushless motor
  • Adjustable metal shocks
  • 2mm thick aluminum chassis
  • 4GHz radio system
  • Aluminum shock towers and chassis
  • Multi-shock mount positions


  • It’s a ready-to-run package meaning you can put it into action right out of the box
  • Has a body that follows the rules of aerodynamics and which comes complete with a wing on the rear end to boost its performance capabilities
  • You have the option to adjust the performance parts and/or upgrade them if you want to push this buddy to its limits or alter its handling characteristics
  • Hugs the ground well, even at high speed, making it so easy to control


  • Suspensions likely to bottom out when it’s subjected to severe terrains
  • Some spare parts are difficult to find and work better with LiPo batteries

Tamiya Racing Fighter 2WD Off-Road Buggy

When anyone mentions a perfect summer project, this is what comes to mind – a loaded starter car kit.

Pieces fit so well and there are thorough instructions to help you or your 10-year old kid do the set upright.

Consider Tamiya Racing Fighter 2WD Off-Road Buggy DT03 Kit the perfect kit that will motivate and inspire your little ones to develop an interest in RC cars.

Top Features

  • A speed controller compatible with both brushed and brushless motors
  • A well-styled body made of polycarbonate
  • CVA oil dampers
  • Tough and durable monocoque frame
  • 17T pinion gears
  • Brushed torque-tuned motor
  •  Oil-filled shocks


  • Tough enough to survive crashes, super high jumps, and uneven terrains
  • A high torque motor combined with CVA oil dampers and front arms angled at 25 degrees make the buddy a perfect fit for off-road adventures
  • Easy and fun to build, which makes it invaluable in training young drivers
  • Polycarbonate is lightweight and durable. This contributes to better performance plus longevity.
  • You have the option to tune and customize the chassis platform
  • A sealed rear-positioned gearbox, complete with built-in differential gear for smooth cornering, protects the internal components from dirt and dust


  • Not completely upgradable. The limitations hold it back from competing with the best.
  • You’ll have to purchase the transmitter, steering servo, paint, speed control, among other key tools, separately

Exceed RC -Powered Drift Car (Carbon Yellow)

Meet one of the fastest drift cars that also handles like a champ. Be it indoors or outdoors, this speedster will race and drift with the determination only seen in a winning performance car.

You might be interested in this article: 10 Best RC drift cars that drift as you’ve seen in movies

Compared to its counterparts, like HPI or Tamiya, Exceed is way cheaper, a quality that endears it to most folks with adventurous youngsters.

If you care about speed, performance, and versatility, then this newly upgraded Exceed RC version has your interests at heart.

Top Features

  • Includes an RC 540 motor
  • Front and rear differentials
  • Comes complete with high-performance drift wheels and tires
  • Has multiple drift setups: toe-in, camber, body level, etc.
  • 2.4GHz radio system with four channels


  • Has a tight and solid seal underneath that protects the inner components from dirt, dust, water, among other elements that would
  • Made with a larger front bumper foam that offers solid protection during impacts
  • You can upgrade the car parts to make it match your performance wishes
  • The hard and slick drift wheels make drifting a breeze
  • Precise steering combined with speed control ensures accuracy and better navigation


  • You may have to spend heavily on some parts in order to push the car to its limits in a race

Things To Consider Before Buying RC Car for $200

Earlier on, I mentioned that with the relevant info, you are more likely to be guided into picking the perfect (or near-perfect) RC car. One that you’ll be proud of years to come and even live to cherish.

So, I’ll take you through each piece of information carefully:

Your Wants, Needs, & Expectations

Wants are those things you’d love to see the feature in your RC car, but even without them, you’d still consider the option in question.

It could be things like speed, battery life, availability of spare parts or room for upgrade, transmitter range, and so on.

Needs, on the other hand, are those aspects you can’t excuse, no matter what.

For example, if you want an RC car for the outdoors, you’ll definitely have to limit your choice to RC trucks, buggies, or truggies.

And if you want a speedster that’s light and a champ on flat soft surfaces, then you’ll have to go for racing sedans or specific drift cars.

As for expectations, these are the things you look forward to that will ensure all your needs are met and your wants satisfied.

It could be a well-rated RC truck or racer that doesn’t fall short of the manufacturer's promises. Or a hobby-grade RC car that’s capable of extreme action.

Now, if you lack such information, chances are you’ll not even know what RC car you or your younger ones deserve. And that could expose you to a poor decision.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the important features you’ll want to pay most attention to:

Motor Type

Two major types of motors you’ll run into are brushed and brushless.

Brushless motors are known to be more durable, faster and with longer battery life. Toy-grade cars tend to use them a lot. T usually denotes the motor’s rating. The lower the rating, the better the motor. The best performing motors range between 5t and 12t.

As for brushless RC cars under $200, their performance rating takes the form of KVs. A lower KV motor packs more torque and fewer revolutions per minute, and vice versa.

Here’s that explains a little bit more about brushed vs brushless motors:


As you’ve probably noticed in the reviews, RC cars mostly use NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) batteries.

But there’s an equally capable alternative as well- LiPo, mostly acquired as an upgrade. Both perform well but if you want an extended fun time, LiPo would be a better choice.


Chances are you won’t baby your RC car. Neither will your kid. Accidents are bound to happen. There will crushes, wall knocks, bumps, tough terrains, you name it.

To survive these events, your RC car will need to have a strong chassis, probably one made aluminum or hard plastic.

Internal components will need protection, which can be achieved through better suspensions, shocks, tires, and waterproof coverings.


Naturally, you’ll want to go for the top brands because they tend to be tried and tested. But don’t forget that they are also expensive and some might even disappoint you big time.

I would suggest you consider other capable brands with models that have demonstrated an equally great capacity to be winning RC cars.

Luckily for you, I’ve explored in detail the options on our list, just to be sure every aspect is covered and that you’ve got everything you need to make the right judgment.

If you find these cars from the list expensive - we'll be ready to share the article with the best RC cars under 100 dollars. Or maybe you want to save up the money for the more expensive ones?

Final Thoughts

Now you’ve got all the key info you’ll ever need to find your best remote control car under $200. Have you?

Clearly, there are plenty of options at your disposal. I hope you’ve found a car that fits you or your kid.

If not, don’t be discouraged. Keep looking. The list is huge and keeps in mind we’ve got an RC car for everyone, you included.

Meanwhile, the RC cars on our list would be a great option, to begin with for starters or to add to your existing collection.

As you’ve noticed, each has its unique qualities. Some, like the Exceed-RC Tacon Soar Buggy RC, are small, while the majority are huge.

Clearly, trucks dominate the list, but if you want something different, the buggies and drift cars have you covered.

Now, it’s time to make a decision!

Good luck!


How do we choose these products?

Our team have reviewed more than 41 product which cost less than 200 dollars and observed the best of them in this list

What is the best RC truck under $200?

According to our deep analysis, we've put the Laegendary RC Truck in the first place on this list.

What are the most important features to look for before buying?

The most important things to look are motor type, durability, battery life and, of course, if the charger/batteries are included or no.

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