The foam RC planes - also known as foamies – have been around for many years. Since the drones hit the market, everyone is talking about them.

But the radio control flying hobbyists are still passionate about the electric foam airplanes. They are so much fun and challenging.

Right now, we have compiled the best foam RC planes reviews. Let's what we've got!

ProductsControlControl RangeBatteryFlight timeWingspanLengthWeight
Sport Cub S by HobbyZone

4 channels656 feet150mAh~20 min24.3-inch16.3-inch2.0 oz
Apprentice S by E-flite

5+ channels656 feet150mAh~30 min59.0-inch15.0-inch2.2 oz
RC Airplane by Top Race

3 channels320 feet180mAh~12 min15.7-inch12.2-inch1.0 oz
Ranger 600 by VolanTexRC

3 channels656 feet360mAh~30 min23.6-inch18.1-inch2.4 oz
RC Airplane by Funtech

3 channels320 feet180mAh~20 min15.7-inch12.2-inch1.0 oz
Cobra A420 E-Glider

3 channels320 feet150 mAh~20 min14.0-inch12.0-inch15.2 oz
Carbon Cub S+ by HobbyZone

3 channels320 feet1300mAh~07 min51.0-inch34.0-inch38 oz
UMX Timber by E-flite

6 channels656 feet280mAh~40 min25.0-inch25.0-inch1.8 oz
RC Airplane by Watinc

3 channels320 feet100mAh~05 min19.7-inch5.1-inch3.2 oz
WLToys SU-27 A100 by ASfairy-Toy

3 channels320 feet250mAh~08 min16.9-inch13.9-inch27.2 oz

Sport Cub S by HobbyZone

Hobby Zone Sport Cub S Foam RC plane.

The Sport Cub S is a compact electric foam RC plane that comes with Safe technology. But here’s the thing… even if you have loads of flying experience, you will find this airplane very compelling.

This airplane comes with different flying modes including Expert, Intermediate and Beginner. With these different modes, you can conveniently learn how to fly.

You can move on to the next level when you have mastered the previous one.

For beginners…

There is a mode for panic recovery that will enable you to return to a safe altitude when you can’t find a way out of decline. This function is available in all modes. It allows you to trigger the transmitter with just one push of a button.

What did we love about this RC plane?

We love its 4-channel control system. This system has aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle functions, which give your plane more maneuverability.

There is a steerable wheel on the tail that will provide your plane an improved ground control.

This is undoubtedly one of the best RC planes for newbies.


  • Ready-to-fly RC plane with everything you need in the box.
  • The radio system of this airplane is 2.4 GHz DSMX
  • USB chargeable battery 150mAh.
  • The primary landing gear is fixed while the tail wheel is steerable.
  • 4-channel control gives you maximum maneuverability.


  • The trims of this plane are slightly off, you will have to adjust them manually.

Apprentice S by E-flite

E Flite Apprentice S foam RC Plane.

The Apprentice S is a good option for those who want to learn the art of flying a foam RC airplane. This airplane also comes with Safe technology.

You can adjust your flight as your skills grow. As this plane comes with more than 5 channels control, it can perform a range of different acrobatic moves including rolls, loops and even inverted flight.

But this feature is for the experts or RC flying.

What’s more?

This solid mid-range RC foam airplane features a brushless motor so the plane will not create much sound.

There is a stability mode as well that will keep your flight stable and will get you back on track in no time. There is an Agility Mode as well and there is no bank angle limit.

You can use this mode for all the maneuvers you want to perform with your plane. There is a 3D-mode to increase the roll and flip rate.

Apart from that…

There is a Panic Recovery function too with which you can stable your altitude once things get out of control.

The RC airplane doesn’t take much time for the assembly and you can easily master the flight using this airplane. The airplane is compatible with 5+ channel DSMX or DSM2 transmitter.

The Apprentice is also one of our leaders in the list with the best radio-controlled RC planes right now.


  • This RC airplane has a solid construction.
  • It comes with different modes for beginners as well as experts.
  • The airplane is equipped with a 3200mAh battery for better flight time.
  • With more than 5 channels, you can do a vast range of maneuvers in the air.
  • Flight envelope protection with Safe technology and auto-recovery mode.


  • It doesn’t come ready-to-fly and you will have to purchase a transmitter separately.

TRC-285 by Top Race

top race trc 285 foam rc plane.

TRC-285 RC plane comes with an inbuilt 6-axis Gyro system, which makes flying super easy and fun.

Is this plane ready-to-fly?

Yes, this ready-to-fly and fully assembled RC plane will provide you control over throttle, rudder, and elevator.

That’s not all…

The self-stabilizing gyro system of this airplane makes it a useful toy for the new flying hobbyists. It is equipped with 2.4GHz radio control and you can easily control it from 320 feet.

What about flight time?

The flight time of this little maestro is 12 minutes on a single charge because of the 180mAh battery. Charging time is pretty quick so you don’t lose your interest if you have to charge it during your time of enjoyment.


  • Suitable for beginners.
  • It comes with an automatic stability mode to keep you on the way.
  • 12-minutes flight time.
  • You can control it over a range of 320 feet with the 2.4 GHz radio control.


  • It is not designed for aerobatic maneuvers or high speeds. This RC plane is only good for beginners and kids.

Ranger 600 by VolanTexRC

Volantex ranger 600 foam rc plane.

The radio control distance for this glider is 656 feet and it will allow you to cover a wide area without any issues.

Do you want to make your RC plane go wild?

This RC airplane comes with XPilot, which is an automatic stabilization system. With this technology, your RC plane will stay stable with the powerful motor.

Aerobatics are only good with this RC plane if you are an expert. And you will have to bring in some skills to do that.

That’s not all…

The controls for this airplane feature 3 levels of flight control. The beginners will get full assist while the intermediates will get partial assistance.

Experts can go for manual control. You can conveniently raise your game following a step-by-step procedure.

Here’s what we loved about this RC glider!

If you are planning to hold a fight party with your friends then this plane is a good option. It comes with an anti-interference capability that will prevent any airborne crashes.


  • 30 minutes of flight time in one charge.
  • The RTF RC airplane has everything included in the box.
  • The XPilot self-stabilizing feature won’t allow the plane to go off balance.
  • The transmitter also has a U-turn button for an easy way back to the base.


  • This is a 3-channel RC airplane that won’t give you much flight maneuverability options. You will also need batteries for the transmitter.

RC Airplane by Funtech

Funtech foam rc plane.

This airplane also features 6-axes gyro assistance for ease in leaving the land and coming back. Just like the previous RC airplane on our list, this one also comes with full and partial as well as manual controls.

Are you looking for Styrofoam panes? Here is the one…

For those of you who don’t have any experience with this material, Styrofoam is sturdy and tough.

Why does this matter?

It will keep your airplane lightweight it can resist several crashes and will not break under any circumstances.

What’s more?

This RC plane also features 2.4 GHz radio control systems and it will provide you with a control range of 320 feet.

The plane comes equipped with 180mAh battery and it will provide you with a flight time of 12 minutes on a single charge.


  • Styrofoam can survive almost any type of crash landing.
  • The controller comes with fully auto, partial auto and manual controls.
  • The 2.4 GHz transmitter allows you to control your plane from a distance of 32 feet.
  • This plane can fly around for 12 minutes.


  • It has a brushed motor that makes some noise. The plane only comes with 3-channel control, which reduces its aerobatic capabilities a few notches.

Cobra A420 E-Glider

Cobra A-420 E-Glider Foam RC Plane.

Are you looking for a budget RC plane?

The Cobra E-Glider is a good budget choice if you are too concerned about the price.

What’s more?

This RC plane is made of highly durable yet durable EPP foam. This means that it is highly resilient against any impacts. Additionally, this airplane is also able to maintain a steady flight path in light winds.

What are the special features?

The glider has a very simplistic design for easy steering and rotation. With the 2.4 GHz transmitter, you can conveniently control your glider from a distance of 325 feet.

You can either go for a runway or for hand launch if you think that the terrain is a bit too rough.

What are the battery and charging options?

The airplane runs on 6 AAA batteries and you can recharge it using a USB charger. The replacement parts are also easily available for this glider if something comes off.

This is a simple RC airplane for people who are looking for a lot of practice and nothing more.


This is not for the intermediates or experts because there is no manual control available and you cannot go for any aerobatic maneuver either.

Even being lightweight, this airplane is capable of making smooth flights in light winds.


  • Simplistic construction
  • Comes ready-to-fly from the box.
  • Runs on six batteries
  • Flight time of approximately 15 minutes.
  • The durable EPP foam material is resilient.


  • This RC plane is only for beginners. The landing gear is slightly weak and is not designed for rough terrain.

Carbon Cub S+ by HobbyZone

Carbon Cub S+ Foam rc plane.

Experts will appreciate this RC plane.

The Cub S+ is a high-end RC plane that comes with GPS technology. Not the ideal choice for beginners, this plane has enough power to run in modest windy conditions.

Looking for customized controls?

You can get accustomed to its flight and controls with three different usage level modes. These modes will enable you to fly the glider with ease and do the learning in a step-by-step process.

Have you heard of the GPS function? It’s right here…

The GPS function allows you to create a virtual fence and it will also allow you to auto land the glider with ease. Furthermore, it will also allow you to keep the glider on a steady pattern as well as altitude.

There is a Panic Recovery function for maintaining a steady altitude. With the holding pattern, you can easily shift the controls to another person. It will continue to circle on a path until the command is canceled.

Last but not least…

The USB chargeable battery of this plane allows you to run it for about 5 to 7 minutes. This RC airplane is capable enough to perform a range of aerobatic moves. It comes with tundra wheels which ensure that that landing remains smooth even on rough terrain.


  • The controls feature Safe+ technology.
  • You can set a virtual fence.
  • Different modes to choose according to the level of expertise.
  • The control also features the Panic Recovery function for maintaining smooth flight.
  • You can also buy a float set for landing and take-off on water.


  • This is a high-end RC airplane not designed for novices. Not recommended to fly in wind.

UMX Timber by E-flite

UMX Timber Foam RC plane.

If you thought that the E-flite UMX Radian was an exciting prospect, then you'd fall in love with the E-flite Night Radian.

It features a 30A Brushless ESC motor that manages to make the blend between powerful and quiet.

But the real trip of the E-Flite Night Radian is that it is equipped with high-visibility LED lights that feature 100+ vivid colors that offer easy visibility when flying at dusk.

E-Flite has taken things a notch higher by programming the LED lights to show various timing combinations, sequences and colors all managed from a built-in controller.

It would be pure joy, and just a little bit short of magical, flying the Radian at night.

You won’t be wrong if you say the Night Radian is the original UMX Radian on steroids.

E-Flite was able to partner with the Flite test crew to build upon the unique capabilities and appearance of the original Radian 2-meter model glider to create a more versatile aircraft.

The Night Radian is quite quick and easy to assemble with no glue required.

In fact, you don't have to be familiar with building model airplanes to have it ready in less than it takes to charge a battery.

Storing and transporting it is also quite easy and convenient, as its two-piece, bolt-on wings make assembling and disassembling easy.

It features the optional-use SAFE select technology that gives the new user a margin of safety. Then the AS3X tech also works quietly behind the scene to provide a smoother flight performance in windy and high-lift conditions.

The Night Radian is exceptional for a model in its class. Everything from its two-blade propeller to its composite re-inforced molded EPO material to the powerful brushless outrunner motor is significant.

They combine to give the Night Radian the ideal power-weight ratio that results in thrilling launches and high altitude efficiency.

The E-flite Night Radian is just about everything you would want in a high-performance glider. It was beautifully executed and conceived, fast and dependable.

Technical Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 56.5 × 16.5 × 6.4
  • Product Material: EPO
  • Product Weight: 3.65 pounds
  • Wingspan: 2.0m
  • Manufacturer Recommended Age: 14 years and above


  • You do not have to go through any assembling process.
  • Beacons and strobes help you in navigating the plane at night.
  • With Safe technology, this airplane is suitable for any level of user expertise.
  • Large functional flaps assist you in controlling the altitude effectively.
  • It is effective in modest to high winds.


  • This is a slightly bulky plane and it influences the battery time significantly.

RC Airplane by Watinc

Watinc foam rc plane.

This RC plane is a good option for kids. There are not many advances features that this RC airplane has but it is a good decent option for you to gift your kids.

Make sure to avoid high wind conditions because this is not built for such scenarios.

What makes this plane sturdy?

Watinc has used good quality EPP foam in the construction of this plane and this makes the plane almost impact resistant.

Apart from that…

The plane is slightly flexible and has a lightweight which is positive news for the battery timing.


  • This is a pure RC airplane toy that you can gift to your kids.
  • Safe to fly in the outdoors.
  • EPP foam makes it resistant to impact.
  • Assembling is effortless and quick.
  • The controls are designed with kids and beginners in mind.


  • This is a low-end device with not many bells and whistles. The controls are designed for the kids to operate.

WLToys SU-27 A100 by ASfairy-Toy

SU-27 foam rc plane.

This RC plane is designed for kids who have some prior experience in flying RC airplanes. It comes with a rudder surface that is patented for quality and the controls feature 3-channel operations.

Why does this matter?

Your kid can perform some aerial moves with this toy.

The company has used high-quality EPP foam, which increased durability without adding to its weight.

Is that all? No! Here’s more…

With the dual power mechanism, this plane becomes more stable and handles the anti-torque force pretty well. The streamlined body of this jet-like plane makes it a good choice to fly in modest winds as well.


  • This plane comes with 6-axis control for extra stability in the flight.
  • The high-quality dual power motor can lock the route and further enhances the stability function.
  • The size of the remote control is small and it is ideal or the kids to hold.
  • This airplane has a small rudder.


  • This is a flimsy RC airplane and is not strong enough to fly even in light winds.

Buying Guide

Now you can find Foam RC planes in a variety of sizes and shapes equipped with electric motors. You’ll find yourself overwhelmed with many options.

To ease things up for you, we have developed this buying guide. It will highlight some of the critical features that you need to consider before buying.

Design and construction

If you don’t have much experience, then design considerations become a lot more important. As a beginner, you need a plane with a bigger wing configuration and stable design.

These planes must come in bright colors because they help you in spotting the plane quickly. Make sure that you go for a plane that comes with different colors for top, bottom, front and back.

This will assist you in preventing any disorientation.


2-channel or single-channel RC planes are just small toys and they are best for kids or beginners. These are not the right choice for pilots who want to take their radio control flying hobby seriously.

With an increase in the channels, the price will increase. But there will be an increase in the thrill-level as well. A 3-channel plane can perform basic acrobatic maneuvers but 4-channel planes are by far the most fun.


Some of these RC foamies also come with cameras. These cameras can capture high-quality pictures and videos.

However, you need to keep this in mind that these cameras will drain more battery. They will also increase the weight of your plane.

Apart from that, you might well have to deal with flying restrictions in certain areas.

Parts and components

If you are a novice at flying, you will have to replace a few components. But in any case, it is best for you to go for a plane that comes with a variety of spare parts.


Safe technology is a highly considerable add-on. It enables your electric RC plane to remain stable during flight, helping it to avoid any small obstacles. This will raise the price but will also assist in flight.


How important factor range is, it depends upon where you are planning to fly your RC plane. If you are a serious pilot, then go for the longest ranges. High-end foam RC planes will come with a range of up to a few hundred meters.

Indoor planes, on the other hand, will have a very short range.

Landing gear

The landing gear has a crucial role to play in protecting your plane from crashes and impact when you are planning to ground your plane.

With good quality landing gear, the plane will become heavier and it will reduce the overall flight time. Nevertheless, it significantly increases the overall durability of your plane as well.

What you should expect from different prices?

The least expensive models of fomies RC planes are suitable for kids and beginners. In most cases, these planes are made of plastic but they are not durable.

These planes are best for indoor flying. However, they will certainly do a great job of allowing you to master the basics of radio control flying.

The mid-range models are able to fly in the outdoors but they lack the power of high-end planes. These planes feature brushed motors that are not powerful enough to take on windy conditions.

Nevertheless, these planes are great to learn some new skills and take on new challenges in flying.

The high-end RC planes are the RC jets, which packs a serious punch. These gas-fueled jets fly in outdoors and you will definitely have a limit where you can fly them.

These jets are fast and are durable. They are designed for experts and people who have plenty of experience in flying.


Now it’s time to declare a winner. And the winner of this top 10 best Foam RC planes roundup is the Sport Cub S by HobbyZone. It has a number of features and it comes at a decent price.

The airplane is good for all types of users with different levels of expertise. The 4-channel control is good enough for you to explore different options when it comes to aerial maneuverability.

Last but not least…. It features Panic Recovery and Safe technology functions.

So which one of these RC airplanes have you used before? Do you think we missed out on something? Have your say by leaving a comment below!

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