Owning and running a gas-powered RC truck or car adds a touch of fun and realism to this hobby well beyond that offered by the RC electric car counterparts.

Be that as it may, landing your ideal nitro RC vehicle could be a serious task. It gets precarious at the start due to the huge amounts of terms and jargon you need to learn and differentiate between.

The sole purpose of this article is to clarify the perplexity, and ideally, by reading until the end, you’ll be able to distinguish them from electric RC cars.

Thereby you will choose the one that best answers your needs without compromising your budget. The followings are the 15 best nitro RC trucks that are currently available on the market.

Best Choice
HSP Touring Drift Two Speed Nitro RC Truggy review
HSP Touring Drift Two Speed Nitro RC Truggy
  • Long Romote Distance
  • Speed: 40 mph
  • 2-speed transmission

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Also great
Exceed RC Professional 1/8Th Scale 2.4 Ghz Nitro Powered Ready to Run .28 MadWarrior RTR Racing Edition (Alpha Blue) review
Exceed RC Professional 1/8Th Scale 2.4 Ghz Nitro Powered Ready to Run .28 MadWarrior RTR Racing Edition (Alpha Blue)
  • FX-2 Sport Radio& Engine 28 Level
  • Speed: 50 mph
  • 1 speed transmission

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HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Buggy review
HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Buggy
  • F3.5 Engine
  • Speed: 60+ mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Rampage Mt V3 Gas Powered Monster Truck review
Rampage Mt V3 Gas Powered Monster Truck
  • 32CC gasoline
  • Speed: 35+ mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Monster Truck
RedCat Racing Earthquake review
RedCat Racing Earthquake
  • 3.5cc Nitro Engine
  • Speed: 40+ mph
  • 2-speed transmission

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Traxxas 59076-3-BLUE Slayer Pro 4x4 Blue TRX 3.3 Engine w/EZ-Start 2 Speed Tran review
Traxxas 59076-3-BLUE Slayer Pro 4x4 Blue TRX 3.3 Engine w/EZ-Start 2 Speed Tran
  • TRX 3.3 Engine w
  • Speed: 60 mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Traxxas T-Maxx Nitro-Powered Monster Truck review
Traxxas T-Maxx Nitro-Powered Monster Truck
  • TRX 3.3 Engine w
  • Speed: 45 mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Traxxas Jato Nitro-Powered 2WD Stadium Truck review
Traxxas Jato Nitro-Powered 2WD Stadium Truck
  • TRX 3.3 Engine w
  • Speed: 65 mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Tornado S30 Nitro RC Buggy review
Tornado S30 Nitro RC Buggy
  • Nitro 3.0cc .18 SH
  • Speed: 45 mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Colorful Body
Traxxas Rustler - Nitro stadium RC Truck review
Traxxas Rustler - Nitro stadium RC Truck
  • TRX 2.5 Engine
  • Speed: 50 mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Losi K&N DBXL review
  • 23CC gasoline Engine
  • Speed: 45 mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Exceed RC Forza Nitro Powered Off-Road Buggy review
Exceed RC Forza Nitro Powered Off-Road Buggy
  • 18 CXP Engine
  • Speed: 40 mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Retro Design
Kyosho Mad Crusher Nitro Monster Truck review
Kyosho Mad Crusher Nitro Monster Truck
  • KE25 Engine
  • Speed: 40+ mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Buggy design
Losi 8IGHT 4WD Nitro RC Buggy review
Losi 8IGHT 4WD Nitro RC Buggy
  • Dynamite .21 nitro Engine
  • Speed: 40 mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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Redcat Racing Lighting - Super Fast Nitro RC Car review
Redcat Racing Lighting - Super Fast Nitro RC Car
  • Vertex VX-16 Engine
  • Speed: 30 mph
  • 2 Speed Transmission

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HSP Touring Drift Two Speed Nitro RC Truggy - the best drift car

The HSP 4wd RC Car is a mean-looking drift car that is ready to manifest its best abilities right out of the box.

First of all, this RC car can hit up to 60+ mph thanks to its smart F3.5 engine delivering 2.5 bhp pushes.

Joined by a streamlined bodyshell and back wing, the Truggy can easily keep up with speed around the corners.

Added to that, the truck's V-tread tires and oil-filled shock-absorbing springs will ease the braking force and provide excellent shock protection.

I may note, that Truggy class implies that this car is most suitable for drift sessions rather than crawling.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 19.3 x 9 x 7.9 inches
Weight: 7.7 Pounds
Max speed: 60 mph
Parts included: Glow plug igniter, Charger
Parts required: Nitro fuel 16% or 20%, 8 x AA Batteries


  • 4WD system
  • High speed of 60 mph plus
  • Streamlined body shell


  • Plastic parts

Exceed RC Professional 1/8Th .28 MadWarrior RTR

The new generation Exceed RC Professional 1/8Th .28 MadWarrior RTR is here with the newly added functions and features. Everything from the beginning has been modified to improve the excitement of driving this RC vehicle.

This monstrous 1/8 MadWarrior accompanies a level.28 engine for incredible speed, adjustable shocks for a smooth landing and aluminum chassis for a cool look as well as durability.

bigger fuel tank that holds 150cc of fuel, and 2.4 GHz radio transmission for wide-range control without hindrance!

The greatness of the MadWarrior Truggy can be noticed straight out of the box from a well-furnished interior to the splendid exterior look.

Technical specifications:

Max speed:
Parts included:
Parts required: nitro starter kit, 20% nitro fuel


  • New functions and features
  • Wide-range transmitter
  • Highly durable


  • Not good for beginners

HPI Racing Trophy 4.6 Buggy

The HPI Racing 107014 Trophy 4.6 Buggy RTR not only streamline design cool look but also support it with a thrilling performance.

It's marginally heavier and bigger than some other buggies and trucks but those outrageous specs make this beauty much more amusing to drive.

For the absence of more qualified words - it feels agile, powerful, and durable. They’re one of the biggest racing RC cars in the world and the 1:8 scale factor is growing rapidly amongst RC enthusiasts.

The manufacturer includes all that you need to begin and use this car for a long time, to say the least!

You land a very strong aluminum chassis, shock towers, and top of the line braces. All that is finished off with HB Proto racing tires oil-filled absorbers, and lots of adjustment possibilities.

You get great value for your money here!


  • Delivers thrilling performances
  • Highly durable
  • Good value for money


  • It could loose few screws

Rampage Mt V3 Gas Powered Monster Truck

The manufacturer had to make the coolest remote-control monster truck far better.

How did they do that?

They added proficient aluminum upgrades to make it better! Two-cycle two-stroke gas-powered RC monster truck, the Rampage Mt V3 1/5 Scale Gas Monster Truck.

Simply combine the gas and oil as you would for a lawnmower or weed whacker and you are good to go.

It’s 1/5 scale and measures around 30 inches in length! Also, you can achieve speeds of around 50 mph with this beast.

Rollover grass, dirt, mud, jumps, street, and obstacles. The aluminum undercarriage is amazingly tough.

Just look at those massive monster truck tires that are prepared for anything!


  • Durable construction
  • It’s very fast
  • Impressive on very surface


  • Engine gets hot fast

Redcat Racing Earthquake 3.5 Monster Truck Nitro 2-Speed

The Redcat Racing Earthquake 3.5 Monster Truck Nitro 2-Speed produces intense power at a relatively cheap price. This vehicle is ready to run for fun straight from the box. The 3.5cc .21 block engine offers earth-wrecking power and blistering speed! An extraordinarily designed disc brake halts this monster authoritatively.

The RC vehicle is racer’s dream with adjustable suspension, oil-filled shocks, two sealed differentials, powerful engine, and 2-speed automatic transmission. On account of the 2-speed automatic transmission, the Earthquake 3.5 is equipped with low-end power wheel popping fun 2nd gear provides a new level of fun at lightning high speeds.


  • Aggressive tires
  • Oil-filled shocks
  • Two-speed automatic transmission


  • Only suitable for adults

Traxxas BLUE Slayer Pro 4x4 Blue TRX 3.3 Engine

With its quick-firing engine Traxxas 59076-3-BLUE Slayer Pro 4x4 Blue TRX 3.3 Engine offering instant power consistently, this nitro RC vehicle is less inclined to stall on rough terrain. Fast cornering capacity and longer wheelbase imply this isn't just swift in the straights but in the corners as well.

This is an extraordinary all-around RC car.

Top-notch components and incredible suspension travel implement this stunt vehicle’s magnificent jumping ability. Reliable Traxxas brand provides various body styles for this adjustable vehicle, making your gas RC an exceptional.


  • Waterproof components
  • Extremely fast
  • Good maneuvering


  • Can be tricky for newbies

Traxxas T-Maxx Nitro-Powered 4WD Monster Truck

The Traxxas T-Maxx 3.3: 1/10 Scale Nitro-Powered 4WD Monster Truck is another high-quality, fast four-wheel-drive monster truck.

First of all, this Ready-To-Run model possesses a heavy-duty aluminum chassis that will serve you for good.

It comes equipped with a box of extra parts: tires, charger, fuel-filler bottle, spare glow plug, and more.

The T-Maxx got a bunch of enhancements such as rear and front bulkheads to improve the truck's barrier function, dual shocks for better absorbing and flexible body-mounts which dampen vibrations to give a smooth ride.

Unlike many other RCes, the T-Maxx's transmitter comes equipped with a Bluetooth module that connects to your Android/iPhone. Hence the factory-installed sensors collect and record real-time telemetry data as you drive.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 21.2 x 16.5 x 10.9 inches
Weight: 10 Pounds
Playtime:20 min
Max speed: 45mph
Battery included: nickel hydride battery
Required: 20% nitro, batteries for rx (4x AA), batteries for receiver (4x AA).


  • Aluminium chassis
  • DVD tutorial
  • Electric starting


  • Screws tend to loose
  • The shocks are a bit stiff

Traxxas Jato Nitro-Powered 2WD Stadium Truck - the fastest

Shortly after release this 3:3 1/10 Scale Nitro Stadium Truck was named Anaconda because of its low-positioned snake-like chassis and face-distorting top speeds.

With this RC car, you will have the chance to experience the fantastic 0 to 60 mph speed in just 4.2 secs, which makes it the fastest RC vehicle on our list!

The Jato's class-leading suspension is known to soak up all the inconveniences of real-world pavement. Along with rear and front anti-sway bars and thick shock bodies, they guarantee a superior performance on and off-road.

What I like most about the Rc truck, is the asphalt-hugging race tires, which prevent flip-overs and jumps.

By all means, the Traxxas Jato is an incomparable beast that blows away typical on-road cars!

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 16.53 x 12.87 x 5.7 inches
Weight: 5 pounds
Max Speed: up to 65 mph
Parts included: a starting battery and charger
Parts required: 15 - 30 % nitro fuel


  • speeds 65 mph
  • TRX 3.3 engine
  • TSM stability


  • Poor brakes design

Tornado S30 Nitro RC Buggy

The Tornado S30 Nitro Buggy is going to light up your neighborhood!

Equipped with a 2.4 GHz radio system, this buggy is ready to run straight out of the box. A 3.0cc SH-18 gas engine, accurately tuned aluminum exhaust pipe and execution header offer the precision and power required to win the competition.

Also, the adjustable ball suspension offers fine performance for any surface, while the flexible wing produces rear downforce for extra traction and high-speed stability.

The vehicle has many aluminum parts including its shock tower, 2.5 mm chassis, oil-filled shocks, heat sink, and race adjustable towers. Not only will this RC be tearing tracks apart, but it also looks great at it.

The two-speed transmission enables the insane amount of low-end torque while offering blistering second-gear top speeds.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 15.75 x 10 x 6.5 inches
Weight: 7.15 pounds
Max speed: 40 mph
Part included:
Parts required:  6V NI-MH 1100mA, 4 pack AA


  • Wide-range radio system
  • Aluminum chassis
  • Highly durable


  • Needs refilling at short intervals

Traxxas Rustler - the Fastest nitro stadium RC Truck - the most stylish

This fantastic new Traxxas Nitro Rustler 2WD Stadium is all about style and quality.

First of all, with the sleek body design and outrageous graphics that Rustler has, you will surely love it. The shine and colors of this RC car always catch people's attention.

The Rustler's body is assembled to the last fix of a screw. The neat chassis and durable shocks will cherish any RC amateur's eye.

The truck includes the famous TRX Pro 15 motor that brings a superb balance of reliability and power and likewise has an excellent 2-needle carburetor for first-class precision.

I surely advise you on buying this  Traxxas Nitro Rustler, as it offers phenomenal design and a good value for its price.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions: 17.25 x 12.5 x 6 inches
Weight: 5 Pounds
Top speed: 50 mph
Parts included:
Parts required:


  • Ready to run straight from the box
  • Incredible design
  • It’s very durable


  • Not fast


The Losi K&N DBXL: 1/5 4wd Buggy RTR is arguably the best nitro RC buggy for the money and you’ll be tearing apart the toughest surface effortlessly on account of the powerful, solid performance you’ll have readily available.

In addition to being one of the best-looking buggies available, it also comes with an aluminum chassis, a real K&N air filter, and a gas tank that will enable you to have about an hour of fun without having to refill.

If intense performance is your area of interest, then that’s exactly what you are getting from this beast when you buy one yourself.

Prepare to activate your inner kid with the oversized features embedded inside this amazing RC car that has been made be Losi.


  • 4WD drivetrain
  • Rugged and tough exterior
  • Amazing look and feel
  • Extremely fast


  • You could lose parts and pieces upon arrival

Exceed RC Forza Nitro Powered Off-Road Buggy

This Exceed RC 1/10 2.4Ghz Forza .18 Engine RTR Nitro Powered Off-Road Buggy arrives in a ready-to-run state which implies no assembly needed.

You’ll also love to know that there is an incredible radio system included that lessens any interference.

Moreover, the RC car comes with an aluminum chassis that is unimaginably lightweight and offers the buggy with a lot of stability.

Besides, it enables the vehicle to perform better to offer more fun. The motor that has been fitted is of top-notch quality that it can last you for quite a while.

Furthermore, it can be used for both on-road and off-road driving.


  • Incredible radio system.
  • Solid aluminum chassis
  • Top-notch engine


  • The shifting is a little bit tricky

Kyosho Mad Crusher Nitro Monster Truck

Let the power and might of Kyosho 33153B Mad Crusher motivate you with its commanding presence and performance on the toughest surface.

Let your adrenalin pumping by tearing up open spaces at max speed as you unleash true RC truck pandemonium!

In view of the GP-Mt chassis, the new MAD CRUSHER included a newly created 5-link suspension highlighting ball joint lower and upper links in combination with horizontal rods that produce a supple stroke, deeper, more rock crawlers’ characteristics.

By the way here is my list of Top-15 rock crawlers.

Outfitted with the incredible KE25 engine, you can drive over any terrain from asphalt to off-road in style with realistic scale tires and wheels.

Just add fuel and batteries to the MAD CRUSHER Ready, set and you can start your trucking action right away!


  • Equipped with KE25
  • Great on all terrains
  • Extremely fast


  • Not suitable for newbies

Losi 8IGHT 4WD Nitro RC Buggy

Simple pull to start engine implies that this Losi 1/8 8IGHT 4WD Nitro RC Buggy can be effectively used and takes little time to get it running.

Adjustable shocks and calibrated suspension mean this RC car has great drive quality and can be effortlessly modified to the user’s taste.

Quick response steering likewise means this RC car is incredibly spry in the corners and can dodge obstacles easily.

The waterproof gearing framework adds to the car’s durability and permits this RC vehicle to run over wet surfaces or through puddles without damaging any part.

This car gives power to the four wheels and offers extra grip when climbing the hills.


  • Has an excellent build quality
  • Waterproof components
  • It maneuvers well


  • It requires high maintenance

Redcat Racing Lighting - Super Fast Nitro RC Car

You calculate how long before Redcat Racing Lighting On-Road Car with VX arrives from the distant crackle of the exhaust pipe, however, it's already gone in a flash.

The Lightning VX is an unfathomably quick nitro 4WD on-road vehicle.

It's equipped with a Vertex VX-16 nitro motor, with lightweight aluminum heat sink, fin-cooled aluminum exhaust pipe.

A high-performance two-speed transmission coupled with a shaft-driven 4WD drivetrain, enables crazy first gear acceleration, while still giving lightening second gear top speeds.

You can easily adjust the shift point with a turn of a screw. The Lightning VX uses a composite disc brake, which gives a lot of halting power for maneuvering around tight on-road courses.


  • Impressive first gear acceleration
  • It is super fast
  • Brakes work fast


  • Could loose parts upon arrival

Buying Guide: How to pick the best gas-powered RC Car

Gas-powered RC vehicles are an incredible way to take your hobby a bit further! With their unparalleled power and stunning top speeds, this car will justify your reason for buying it.

By the way, I've , made a list of The Fastest RC Cars and Trucks.

Not only will it offer you unlimited thrills and long periods of fun, however, but it will also enable you to explore every terrain as they are made to withstand the roughest of landscapes.

Moreover, you can take part in racing events with your RC car straight out of the box. Not to mention that you are going to destroy every electric RC car you encounter in a race.

They are smart, sturdy, and fast. What more can you ask for the RC car?

We know that you’re seeking a thrilling nitro RC experience yet are uncertain about the best gas-powered RC car for you.

Be at ease, in this guide, we will walk you through everything there is to know prior to buying a nitro/gas RC car of your choice.

Things to Consider When Buying A Nitro/Gas Powered RC Car

Price: When you are looking to buy a fast gas-powered RC car, price is a primary consideration. There’re some modest fast nitro RC cars compared to some models on the market, however, more often than not your nitro RC vehicle is going to cost a lot more.

Costly models generally demonstrate higher top speed, better quality, or all-around better driving ability. This could be because they come from notable brands.

You’ll likewise need to purchase fuel for your RC car after the furl that comes with its finishes. The price of nitro fuel depends on the concentration of fuel present in the mixture.

Fuel price is not excessively high, though it may pile up after some time.

Drivetrain: There’re two types of drivetrain equipped to nitro RC vehicles. These are 2WD and 4WD. Nitro RC vehicles with 4WD are sturdier and are unlikely to end up stuck while off-roading.

This system likewise offers additional grip as all four wheels deliver power. Then again, 2-wheel-drive models will be able to efficiently deliver power, however, only to the rear wheels, which could be inefficient when racing through sand, mud, and other delicate terrains.

Speed: When buying your gas-fueled RC vehicle you have to keep in mind that this car will be attaining speeds of 50 mph plus and can be modified to a lot higher than this.

An accident at this speed can damage the car severely and can even harm those around.

You’ll likewise need to ensure you have a lot of space to get a grip of your fast RC and to pick up its maximum potential. Outdoor use is the best and suitable option for these speed machines.

Age: Nitro RC vehicles are popular for their instantaneous acceleration and high top speeds, therefore these RC cars are not recommended for kids as they require a higher-level driving skill.

However, adults and teens can safely drive it. These vehicles can likewise be difficult to refuel and maintain if it’s handled by an inexperienced user.

What Else is Vital to Choosing a Nitro Remote-Control Car?

It’s also good to consider modifying or upgrading your RC vehicle.

Taking into account their jumps, stunts, and crashes, these cars are primarily mishandled a lot during their operation time.

In this way, if you are planning on getting a decent mileage out of the vehicle, it is suggested that you look for the option that is repairable in case of any damage.

Moreover, buying an adjustment-ready RC car enables you to customize it as per your driving style. Some models permit you to upgrade everything on the car including the battery, motor, wheels, and suspension.

Although carrying out this upgrading may be very complex for most children, grown-up hobbyists can have a fun time in doing so.

What’s So Amazing About Gas/Nitro RC Vehicles?

The realistic engine sound and upgraded performance delivered by the nitro RC vehicles make them the best as far as the remote-controlled cars are concerned.

Some of these cars can accomplish speeds up to 70 mph not to mention the glittering acceleration. In addition to that, lots of cleaning and maintenance is required.

If you’re new to this game, it could take you a while to hold a grip on it. However, once you set off, there’s no going back, you will surely be in for a great time.

Final Thought

It could either take you a leg or an arm to get a top-rated nitro RC car or you can save money easily to get a low-cost RC car. The choice is yours to make.

If you’re getting an RC car for a child or a newbie who doesn’t know anything about RC cars, for that reason, obtain a low-cost vehicle since you cannot tell if they would turn out as enthusiastic as you are about RC cars.

When choosing your nitro RC car, you should consider the factors mentioned above so you can land yourself the ideal one.

RC cars are suitable for both adults and kids. Even if you are opting for a low-cost model, ensure it has everything you are looking for. All things considered; you should go for a full-scale model that flaunts an exceptional design.


What is better gas or electric RC cars?

It depends or your needs. If your main aim is to take part in competitions then gas-powered cars will be better. If you need a hobby RC car, then we recommend buying an electric one.

How much are gas-powered RC trucks?

Gas-powered RC trucks are usually more expensive than electric ones. Their price starts from $199.00.

What kind of gas do nitro RC trucks use?

The two main parts of this fuel are ethanol-based fuel with nitromethane and oil. The percentage of nitromethane could range from 10% to 40%.

How fast are nitro RC cars?

Nitro RC cars are extremely fast, almost every single of them can reach 40 mph+ in stock and much more with an upgrade.

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