RC planes are here with us, and all they care about is to add fun, excitement, and beautiful memories to your flying experiences.

At first, they were expensive, but that’s not the case anymore. Now we have extremely affordable versions.

Recently, the manufacturers added another layer of fun: cameras.

That aside, there are several other factors you don’t want to miss on, like ensuring the live feed is smooth and the flight itself Is stable. That’s where we come in.

Later on, We’ll be letting you on what to consider before making your selection.

For now, let’s take a detailed look at what we've found to choose the best FPV RC planes in the market right now.

ProductFormMotorBatterySpeedAverage Rating (out of 5)
Zohd Dart Wing RC FPV AirplaneARF2006 2400KV3S 1300-1800mAh (Not included)15km/h - 80+km/h4.8
RC Nano Skyhunter PNPKIT, ARF, & RTF AvailableN60 brushed motor2204 2300KV motor50 mph top speed4.1
Wltoys F959 SKY-King RC AirplaneRTFN60 brushed motor7.4V 300mAh20mph top speed3.5
ZOHD Orbit Neon RC FPV AirplaneARF2204-1870KV3S 1300 - 2200mAh (not included)25-100+km/h4.8
Amazing Tech Depot FirstarRTF180A brushed motorLi-Po (7.4V 850mAH)N/A3.5
ZOHD Nano Talon EVO-PNP/ PNP With FPV ReadyART2204 1870 KV MotorLipo from 3S to 4S 1300-2200mAh or Li-Ion 18650 4S 2P 3500mAh
(not included)
12 - 90 km/h4.6
SonicModell RC Racing Airplane KITKIT2204 2300KB motor11.1V/12V 2200mAh 25C Lipo batteries10 - 80 km/h4.6
ZOHD Talon GT Rebel FPV RC AirplaneARF2216 1300KV motor4S 3300-4400mAh (not included).10 -100kmh/h4.6
SonicModell AR RC AirplaneARF2206 2300 KV motor
11.1V 2200mAh 25C Lipo (not included)10 - 80km/h4.6

Zohd Dart Wing RC FPV Airplane

Zond dart wing rc plane with camera

“This thing is super awesome” that’s what most users of this plane say about it. Others call it the flying enthusiasts’ dream plane, and they are right.

Picture it: Great speed, incredible acrobatics, excellent stall features, almost unmatched durability. Sounds exciting, right?

Then there’s the innovative part. Features like the forward sweet wing design, which complements the large-sized wings and twin tail wing, see to it that this plane never stalls.

The use of EPP material is another innovative addition that makes this plane earn that coveted praise of being so light yet amazingly durable.

What’s more, at the front, it has a plastic molded nose spacious enough to accommodate different varieties of FPV and HD cameras, the likes of GoPro Hero 4-7, Swift, Runcam HD. etc.

The catch with this RC plane is that you will have to buy the camera separately, together with the transmitter, charger, camera, and VTX.

Nonetheless, these components are easy to install, even for novices.

Overall, this is a well-built RC plane and has all the features you require for fun and exciting flying experience.

Other Top Features

  • Has a flying speed that ranges between 10mph to 50mph
  • Has a spacious equipment bay that accommodates more gear
  • Detachable wings
  • EPP molded wings and fuselage
  • Uses a 2006 2400KV motor
  • Recommended battery: 1800mAh (not included)


  • Use of EPP materials combined with its detachable magnet-attached wings and vertical surfaces make the aircraft compact and portable enough to be carried out for outdoor use
  • At its bottom, the plane is covered by a plastic cover that protects the fuselage bottom from the scratches associated with landing
  • A pre-installed gyro stabilizer enhances the stability of the plane and makes it easy to control, both of which are attractive features to novices
  • Its durability has been enhanced by the EPP foam construction and the addition of built-in carbon fiber spars, both of which enable it to endure and survive crashes, even the severe ones.
  • Has a large hatch bay that can accommodate extra FPV gear, among other components
  • Easy to assemble. No glue is required. This makes it ideal for beginners and novices


  • May take some time to master. Especially the acrobatics-barrel rolls. Low altitude speed passes, power loops, and so on.

RC Nano Skyhunter PNP

rc nano skyhunter rc plane with camera

How about a cheap toy plane that maneuvers like a fighter jet? Meet the RC Nano Skyhunter PNP.

Even if you crash this little bird, the manufacturer has made sure that it won’t be the end by making it repairable.

Three versions are available: the kit, PNP version, and the FPV PNP version. There’s a lot more about this plane you will fall in love with. Take a look.

If you are out to find a cheap RC plane with a camera that doesn’t disappoint, trust the RC Nano Skyhunter will do the job well.

Other  Top Features 

  • Made with EPP material
  • FPV RMRC Cricket Cam (for the FPV PNP version)
  • Uses a 2204 2300KV motor
  • The manufacturer recommends a ready-made RC 13000mAh 3S battery


  • Has a super compact size that enables it to fly through tight spaces and fit in a small bag if you plan to carry it around
  • It’s easy to find the center of gravity, thanks to finger bumps placed under its wings
  • Easy to launch. Just toss it into the air with your hand as you would when throwing a small ball.
  • EPP foam construction makes it light enough to be carried around yet durable so that it can withstand tough landings, coalitions, and falls
  • For those who care about the acrobatic, this Nano SKyhunter can do rolls, loops, and inverted flight, all of which add to the fun and excitement of playing with it.


  • Not for novices
  • LOS flying may be difficult because of its black construction

Wltoys F959 SKY-King RC Airplane

wltoys sky king rc plane with camera

Witoys F959 Sky-King is the beginner’s dream RC plane. Pictures yourself not having flown an RC plane before. But then comes this plane that glides so well.

On your first try, you actually succeed in doing 360s, touch-and-goes, among other cool maneuvers.

But that’s not all. Your first-person view wish is also well taken care of. 5959 Sky-King supports camera install.

Fix any of the cameras from the wider range of WLtoys RC Quadcopter models and you are set off for fun flying times.

Beginners looking to find an affordable plane that’s fun to fly with great stability and durability would find this option ideal.

By the way, we've made the list of the best RC airplanes for beginners.

Are you curious to learn more about how to fly an RC plane like a pro? Here’s a video you will love to watch:

Other Top Features

  • Uses a 2.4 GHz transmitter with a control distance of 200 meters
  • Has an N60 brushed motor
  • Made with EPP material
  • Powered by a 7.4V 300MAh LiPo 2S battery


  • Beginner and intermediate pilots will fly the plane with ease as they only have the rudder to use in turning the plane
  • You can fine-tune the controls, a fact that makes it more enjoyable to fly
  • Uses of EPP material adds to its crash-resistant qualities
  • Detachable wings make it more compact and easy to carry around. The wings could also detach to minimize damage during a severe impact.
  • Almost no assembly is required. You can have it ready in just a few minutes.


  • Some users complain that the stock transmitter isn’t good, particularly the resolution of the controls
  • Because it’s light, the plane may not survive in strong winds

ZOHD Orbit Neon RC FPV Airplane

Zohd orbit neon rc plane with camera

Ever wondered what night flying would be like with a celebrated FPV drone plane? ZOHD Orbit Neon has the answer.

Yet that built-in LED, combined with super stable and easy-to-launch capabilities are just but a small portion of this plane’s great features.

Because of its versatility, this plane would easily be the ideal choice for the flying enthusiast who wants to explore the limits of FPV flying.

Other Top Features

  • Detachable main wings
  • The flying speed of 12-65 mph
  • Crash absorption system
  • Uses a 2204 - 1870KV motor
  • Recommended battery: 3S 1300 - 2200mAh
  • Multiple camera mounts
  • Uses 2.4 GHz frequency system
  • EPP molded wing
  • Extra room inside the fuselage for additional FPV gear


  • With that new crash absorption system, trust this plane to withstand severe crushes and coalitions. If you are an amateur, this should be great news.
  • Comes with a built-in Zohd stabilization system that refines its movements as you fly it
  • The presence of multiple cameras mounts fully compatible with RC2 HD, GP H3/H4, among other models is good news to those who want to try different things with the FPV functionalities
  • Made with EPP molded wings and reinforced with built-in carbon fiber spar to make the flight stable and the plane itself durable enough to serve you for the long term
  • Detachable main wings mean your plane could be saved from damage during a hard crash
  • Has finger bumps under the wings that will help you find the center of gravity for proper balance


  • It is super light and may, therefore, not survive strong winds

Amazing Tech Depot Firstar

Amazing Tech Depot Firstar rc plane with camera

Lots of things, both good and bad, have been said about Amazing Tech Depot Firstar.

But what no one disputes is that this RC plane offers a lot for little: from multi-channel support to the use of innovative technologies.

And if you think you’ve seen its best parts, its FPV capabilities will leave you in awe.

If you are new to this industry and looking to get yourself a feature-rich FPV plane that costs less, Amazing Tech Depot Firstar would be a great option to consider.

Other Top Features

  • 3 channel kit ( elevator, rudder, throttle)
  • Uses a 2.4 GHz transmitter with a control range of up to 300 meters
  • EPO shock resistant materials
  • Runs on Li-Po (7.4V 850mAH) batteries
  • Uses a 180A brushed motor


  • Made with shock-resistant material so as to enable it to survive extreme crashes or collisions
  • Being lightweight with solid construction makes it a suitable option for novices
  • It has superior stability, making it a wonderful option for FPV flying
  • Has multiple channels and this adds to its versatility and potential for more fun while flying
  • It makes use of innovative technologies, like the 2.4 spread spectrum, which boasts of reaction speed, anti-interference abilities, and power consumption.


  • Some users have raised complains about the propellers coming apart and the servo too
  • Even though it’s listed as beginner-friendly, you may still need an instructor to help you learn its maneuvers

ZOHD Nano Talon EVO-PNP/ PNP With FPV Ready

ZOHD Nano Talon EVO-PNP rc plane with camera

Three years ago, Zohd Nano Talon EVO was just an idea. Now it’s a dream come true, and guess what, Zohd heard all your wishes.

Almost all the mods you asked for, like straight wings and a camera bay that would be positioned at its belly, are all realities now.

Nano Talon fans now have a version to be proud of. For FPV lovers here’s the good news:

The unit comes complete with a Zohd copilot LIte flight controller plus a Zohd vc400 all-in-one video camera capable of a 120-degree field of view.

ZOHD Nano Talon EVO is a feature-rich RC plane with capabilities you would never have imagined before.

So, if you are looking to experience the limits of FPV flying and to find out what else a leading RC airplane with a camera could do, here’s your chance.

Here’s the video that sums up the new features:

Other Top Features

  • Epp molded wing
  • Detachable main and tail wings
  • Dedicated GPS bay
  • Uses a 2204 1870 VK Motor
  • 6-Axis Gyro Stabilizer
  • Has a flying speed of 7 - 56 mph
  • Runs on either Lipo from 3S to 4S 1300-2200mAh or Li-Ion 18650 4S 2P 3500mAh (not included)


  • It comes with a built-in servo that contributes to the airfoil’s improved performance. The result is more aerodynamics and a plane that is more fun to fly
  • Has a huge payload area that lets you add additional FPV gear, batteries, or do other experiments
  • Improved stabilization capabilities make it ideal for beginners. You can select stabilization levels depending on the existing weather conditions
  • Combining the EPP material with pre-built carbon far and an extended plywood tray makes the plane light, flexible, durable and solid enough to resist the extremities of a hard crash
  • With a detachable main and tail wing, you will have an easier time moving around with this plane. Its components can as well be broken down easily for storage and connection is done with the use of snap magnets
  • Zohd Nano Talon is suited for a variety of functions, from FPV racing events and slope soaring to short and mid-range FPV lights. Both beginners and intermediate pilots will find a perfect fit for their activities.


  • It may take you a while before you learn how to utilize its stabilization features, especially when flying intermediate mode

SonicModell RC Racing Airplane KIT

SonicModell RC Racing Airplane KIT rc plane with camera

Experienced pilots with mechanical prowess need not look any further than this kit. For novices, the PNP version would be an ideal fit.

Here’s the favorite thing about this plane: It has been optimized for standard and FPV flying.

Expect fantastic performance features, from the rigid construction to the well thought out wingspan with the high-efficiency airfoil.

For FPV flying enthusiasts, the multiple bonus camera mounts and compatibility with a wide range of cameras should be welcoming news.

All in all, the SonicModell RC Racing Airplane KIT is a good starting point for a pilot who wants a versatile RC plane with amazing qualities.

Other Top Features

  • Uses a 2204 2300KB motor
  • Has a flying speed of 6 - 50 mph
  • Made with 100% black EPP material
  • Detachable wings and wingtips
  • Movable battery slot for the center of gravity adjustment
  • Has a spacious equipment bay
  • Bottom plastic cover for more protection
  • Runs on 11.1V/12V 2200mAh 25C Lipo batteries


  • Compatible with the majority of the FPV and AIO cameras, thanks to the multiple bonus camera mounts
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble as no glue is required; just thumb screws. Not to mention the detachable wings and wingtips. You can, therefore, store or pack it easily and go out to fly
  • The presence of a spacious equipment bay means you have the freedom to experiment with different FPV gear and bigger batteries
  • Has 2 carefully designed skids beneath the wings that make it easy for you to hand-launch. They also protect the plane during landing
  • EPP molded wings and fuselage, together with a built-in carbon fiber tube and spar, mean that the plane is light, durable, and able to resist hard crashes


  • Some users seem not satisfied with winglets and servos, citing fragility and excess noise respectively

ZOHD Talon GT Rebel FPV RC Airplane

ZOHD Talon GT Rebel FPV RC Airplane rc plane with camera

Yes, we are not with Zohd yet. Zohd Talon GT Rebel is another masterpiece, complete with quality original innovations designed to make it a capable plane, notwithstanding your flying preferences.

Whether it’s causal, mid or long-range flying, trust this bird to do it super well.

Given its top-grade innovative components and potential to suit different flying preferences.

Zohd Talon GT Rebel FPV RC Airplane would be a great fit for the pilot who doesn’t mind the price and is curious to explore the limits of a celebrated RC airplane.

Other Top Features

  • Has a unique look not common in the RC market
  • Detachable wings and tail
  • Made with BEPP material
  • Reversed wingtips that enhance the lift force
  • Huge extra rooms in the cabin, canopy, and bottom hatch for extra gear
  • Uses a 2216 1300KV motor
  • Has a flying speed of 6 -60 mph
  • Runs on 4S 3300-4400mAh (not included).


  • Has a small-sized airframe designed for long-range flying and to ensure the plane is portable enough to be carried around
  • USe of BEPP material makes this one of the few planes made with environmentally-friendly material that is 100% biodegradable yet crash resistance at the same time
  • Has a multi-camera bose that accommodates 99& of all the FPV and HD cameras available on the market right now
  • Availability of a huge equipment bay means more FPV gear and larger batteries for experienced pilots
  • Main wings and belly have this special protection cover that protects them against impact and wear and tear
  • Built-in carbon fiber tube and square rod reinforcement ensure the plane performs well and is light and durable


  • It’s relatively expensive. If you are on a budget, this may not be an ideal option for you

SonicModell AR RC Airplane

SonicModell AR RC Airplane rc plane with camera.

This is it! A true king of the skies. SonicModell AR RC Airplane is for seasoned pilots who crave for an RC plane that’s incredibly exciting to fly, capable of enduring a hard crash, and assembles in seconds.

Note that this version doesn’t come with cameras, battery, charger, transmitter, and receiver.

Nonetheless, it’s a capable RC plane and has what it takes to make your flying experience fun and memorable.

Let’s see what else it has to offer:

Other Top Features

  • Detachable wing and wingtip
  • The flying speed of 5-55 mph
  • Black EPP molded wing and fuselage
  • Extra camera mount
  • Uses a 2206 2300 KV motor
  • Runs on 11.1V 2200mAh 25C Lipo (not included)


  • The plane’s wing and fuselage enjoy multiple protection from the EPP material, built-in carbon fiber tube and spar, and extra plastic cover, all of which also makes it durable and light enough to be carried around
  • Detachable wings and wingtips add to the flexibility and portability of the plane. Assembling and disassembling it is easy. No glue is required. You can, therefore, pack and store it easily for outdoor use
  • Thanks to the extra camera mount and compatibility, you can pair it with just about any FPV and AIO cameras available in the market right now. This is good news to the experienced pilots who would love to take things to a whole new level
  • Comes with a sizeable equipment bay to accommodate your extra FPV gears and batteries
  • Just like most of its competitors, it has two well-designed skids that allow for easy launching and safe landing
  • It has a movable battery slot that enables you to adjust the center of gravity


  • Compared to its competitors, the SonicModell AR RC Airplane is comparatively expensive, but if you care about superior performance and reliability, it will be worth your bucks

What To Consider Before Buying RC Planes With FPV Camera

Earlier on, I mentioned that FPV airplanes come in many forms and that you have to be careful to choose a version or model that is stable, with a camera mounted on it, and can transmit the live feed smoothly.

Well, that’s not where it ends. Here’s a more detailed look at these aspects, plus a few more important things to keep in mind as well.

Evaluate The Design

Picture a scenario where your flying attempts are dramatic and you are in a constant search of your crashed plane.

Absolutely discouraging, right?

Well, the stability of an FPV device relies a lot on its design. If this is your first FPV RC plane, I would suggest you go for one that makes it easy for the device to have stable movements.

Like those with a high wing configuration. Such a set up makes it easy for you to keep the plane aloft.

Another thing you will want to pay attention to is the wings, particularly their dihedral angle. Dihedral is that upward V angle wings have when you look at them from the front side of the plane.

The more generous this angle is, the more stable your flight will be.

In What Form Do You Want It?

Available options include a kit, An Almost Ready Kit (ARF), and Ready To Fly (RTF). If you love to assemble everything from scratch, a kit will be the ideal option to go with.

An ARF plane comes 90% ready. The other 10% would be buying and fixing the motor, battery pack, and transmitter. Maybe you are one of those who like to toy around with the capabilities your RC plane provides. This option is for you.

Just as the name suggests, an RTF comes ready to fly. Novices and first-time buyers love it because it only requires one to install the batteries, sometimes the wings too, and voila! The plane is ready to jump into space.

For those curious to know whether an RC spy plane is available, the answer is yes. Even though we didn’t include one in our list, any RC plane that can fly at 90 mph and clock 12,000 ft would serve your wish well.

Transmission System

Viewing the live feed from the plane camera will require having a reliable video transmitter. You will run into a variety of them, the 900 MHz to 2.4 GHz type.

A 900MHz transmitter functions well when there are almost no obstacles in the line of transmission.

The 2.4GHz type, on the other hand, will give you a longer range and broader choice of antennas, plus it enables video sharing. But there’s a catch - they tend to be heavier and often need a heat sink.

It’s up to you to decide how you want to view the feed. Currently, you can choose between FPV glasses and a monitor.

Camera Mount

Remember, drone planes with a camera come in many forms.

When buying the one that comes with a camera or the camera-ready one, it would be great to go for one that has a camera mount capable of accommodating all kinds of cameras, including the heavy ones.

Battery Life And Power Type

The addition of a camera to the plane means the battery will be running several operations. For it to last longer, it will definitely need a higher capacity. I would recommend you go for those with 1000mAh or higher.

Some RC planes are powered by internal combustion engines, just like your car. Others run on batteries. It boils down to preferences. But as you’ve probably noticed in this guide, our list only narrowed down to the electric versions.

Carrying Capacity

At some point, you may need a higher capacity battery or high-quality footage. In the second instance, that would mean mounting a more advanced camera.

Most of them tend to be heavier, so an ideal FPV plane should have the capacity to accommodate such extra weight, be it from the camera or battery, without losing the quality of its stability.

Availability of Spare parts

No RC plane is immune to crashes, there are chances for you to be a victim too, especially if you are a novice.

To be safer when this happens, buy your toy plane from a recognized brand. Actually, make sure that the brand you buy has lots of spare parts that can easily be bought online or at a local shop.


You may be wondering, are these the only best FPV planes in the market? Well, the truth is the market is filled with them, and what we did was narrow down to the ones that tick almost all the boxes when it comes to performance, consumer satisfaction, reliability, and practicality.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate user or seasoned pilot, there’s an option in our list that will always match your top expectations. And if you are on a budget, there’s still an option for you too.

Zohd clearly seems to have some of the best performing models in the market, followed by SonicModell. The rest of the brands are equally great and would serve just as well.

So, it’s really up to you to assess your tastes, preferences, and expectations, then come back to this list and you’ll be sure to find an option that suits you well. Good luck!

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