Are you in the market for one of the best remote control helicopters for yourself or your kid? Do you know very little about RC helicopters, and you need some help?

Then you are in luck. In this post, we are going to be looking at some of the features you should look out for when buying an RC helicopter.

Before we look at which features you should note, let’s take a quick look at some of the best RC helicopters with the longest flight time available on the market.

Best Choice
The JRC Helicopter with remote control review
The JRC Helicopter with remote control
  • Run time: 18 min
  • Range: 164 ft
  • Emergency Stop function

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SYMA RC Helicopter S39 review
SYMA RC Helicopter S39
  • Run time: 12 min
  • Range: 32 ft
  • LED Lights

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Also Great
RC helicopter S37 Aircraft with Altitude hold review
RC helicopter S37 Aircraft with Altitude hold
  • Run time: 12 min
  • Range: 330 ft
  • Super Crash Resistant

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JJRC JX01 review
  • Run time: 12 min
  • Range: 65,6 ft
  • Altitude Hold Function

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The Walkera V450D03 6Ch RTF Heli w/Devo 7 review
The Walkera V450D03 6Ch RTF Heli w/Devo 7
  • Run time: 10 min
  • High Quality Materials
  • Easy to Use

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The Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone review
The Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone
  • Run time: 18 min
  • Range: 984 ft
  • 1080p Full HD camera

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The SNAPTAIN S5C Drone review
  • Run time: 16 min
  • Range: 262 ft
  • 720p video transmission

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Helizone Lightning Bird WL V911 review
Helizone Lightning Bird WL V911
  • Run time: 8-12 min
  • Easy to Use
  • Upgraded Battery

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The Blade Scout RTF 3-Ch helicopter review
The Blade Scout RTF 3-Ch helicopter
  • Run time: 10 min
  • Advanced Gyro
  • Smooth Control

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The Tenergy Syma S107 helicopter review
The Tenergy Syma S107 helicopter
  • Run time: 6-8 min
  • Great for Beginners
  • Colorful Flashing Lights

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1. The JRC Helicopter with remote control

The JRC helicopter is a mammoth beginner-friendly remote control helicopter with great quirks and features.

The JRC Helicopter was initially designed for beginners, and it sports a dimension of 18.5 x3.2 x 7.84, so it's a reasonably large RC helicopter.

The JRC comes with an advanced gyroscope technology that helps beginners and experts alike maintain control during flight.

It is made from a sturdy metal alloy, it is safe, and it complies with most international safety standards.

The JRC helicopter has a flight time of 18 minutes. Its flight time is at least double of what most RC helicopters offer; that is why it is at the top of our list.


  • The JRC comes with an LED light for flying in the dark.
  • Its body is made from a durable metal alloy, and its blade is made from a soft material
  • The JRC is incredibly durable
  • It has a gyro that allows you to maintain balance while in flight.


  • Batteries don’t come included in the transmitter of this helicopter.

2. SYMA RC Helicopter S39

The SYMA RC Helicopter is an impressive S39 aircraft with 3.5 channels and Gyro-sensors for better control and balance.

The SYMA was created with the beginner in mind, so that means that it comes with great features that new RC users will enjoy.

Some of those features include a large alloy body and anti-collision system that protects the helicopter from accidental spills and crashes. It also comes with an impressive indoor mode that lowers voltage and saves power.

This impressive power-saving feature extends the life of the SYMA helicopter by nearly double and gives it an overall flight time of about 7 minutes. That is why it is on our exclusive list.

It also complies with many international toy safety regulations.


  • This RC helicopter boasts of one of the longest flight times.
  • It complies with a lot of safety regulations and policies put in place by international organizations like the FCC.
  • It is incredibly light
  • Its beginner-friendly
  • It can be used indoors too.


  • It’s a bit on the heavy side.

3. RC helicopter S37 Aircraft with Altitude hold

The RC helicopter S37 aircraft by far one of the largest RC helicopters currently available on the market.

If you are interested in large and cheap RC helicopters, then this one is definitely meant for you. It has the dimensions of 185 x 3.26 x 7.84 inches

This ginormous RC helicopter comes with all the standard bells and whistles. It has regular features like the altitude hold, an alloy shell, a soft material blade, and a full 3.5 channel directional control.

It also comes with cool features like an LED light and gyroscope sensors.

It has about 12 minutes of flight time and an ergonomically shaped controller.


  • The S37 has a very large and aesthetic frame
  • It is very durable
  • It comes with free AA batteries


  • Its large size makes it impossible to use it indoors
  • It has a range of only 100 meters
  • Its large frame makes the RC helicopter more susceptible to breaks.

4. JJRC JX01

The JJRC JXO1 is an amazing collision-proof beginner-friendly RC helicopter from JJRC.

Like most helicopters from the JJRC, this one comes with tons of amazing features and quirks that set it aside from other helicopters and earned it a spot on our super exclusive toy list.

The helicopter comes with an impressive gyroscope and sensor system that allows you to maintain absolute control both indoors and outdoors.

It comes with two large helicopter batteries in the package, which improves the flight time of the helicopter.

The additional battery makes the JX01 last 12 minutes, one of the RC helicopter's longest flight times ever recorded.

The battery life is not the only impressive thing about this helicopter. It also happens to be made from a unique new alloy material that crash-proof.


  • Comes with gyroscope and impact protection for beginners
  • It has an overall flight time of about 12 minutes
  • It comes with an altitude control function for a smoother flying experience.
  • Comes with LED lights


  • It's a rather medium-sized product
  • It does not support dual-channel control.

5. The Walkera V450D03 6Ch RTF Heli w/Devo 7

The long name attached to this cool looking helicopter is not the only thing remotely impressive about this beast.

Under its shiny and edgy outer layer are high-speed digital servos, a 2600 mAh lipo battery that promises about 7 minutes of flight time, and a brushless motor.

In addition to this impressive battery capacity, it also comes with an impressive 6-axis gyro control system.

The blades are made from a rigid carbon fiber material, a flybarless structure. The frame of the helicopter is made from very durable plastic, and this special helicopter is capable of impressive stunts and high stakes maneuvers.

The Walkera durability and flexibility are what earned the RC helicopter, its special place on our list.


  • The Walkera is super durable and is can do stunts
  • Despite its impressive body and motor, it’s still very beginner-friendly
  • It is easy to control and operate
  • Comes with 6 channel or direction control


  • It comes with about only 8 minutes of fly time
  • Its skid landing is somewhat fragile

6. The Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone

The Holy Stone is a beginner-friendly, child quad RC helicopter or drone with a full HD camera.

Like the other drone we talked about in this review, it comes with a bunch of impressive safety and control features to help beginner’s better control drones.

This RC quad helicopter comes with features like the Follow-me mode, which commands the drone to automatically follow the owner.

It also comes with the gesture recording feature, the auto-return function, the headless, and an altitude control feature.

The great features that come with this RC helicopter are definitely impressive, but none of them are as exciting as the 18 minutes of run time, and the 300-meter control range.

These exclusive features make this drone stand apart from other competitors in its field.

That is why we also added onto our list.


  • It comes with an impressive 18 minutes run time.
  • It has a 300-meter control range
  • It has a 1080p full HD camera with Wi-Fi control.


  • The battery life could be longer
  • The controller is not very comfortable

7. The SNAPTAIN S5C Drone

This drone is not just like your typical RC helicopters with long flight times; it offers users so much more.

The Snaptain S5C drone is a powerful Wi-Fi controlled beginner-friendly drone for filmmakers and enthusiasts.

Like most drones on this list, it comes with handy controls that aid new drones and RC helicopter users.

On the controller that comes with this great drone, you should be able to find handy features like the easy 360 flip button, the smart voice control, the land, takeoff, and return commands.

This drone offers complete immersion while in use. It also comes with a crisp 720p video transmission and a big battery that provides users with 16 minutes of flight time.

The Snaptain drone comes with a simple ergonomically shaped controller for better control and balance. And a great control app that also helps you collect and use video footage.


  • Comes with shock protection in case of sudden falls
  • It can go up to 80 meters before losing video transmission and control.
  • It comes with a handy micro SD card storage slot.
  • It comes with an app and a gyro sensor that help maintain balance during flight.


  • It only records up to 720p
  • It has an 80m control limit.

8. Helizone Lightning Bird WL V911

The Helizone Lightning bird is a positively electrifying black and white accented RC helicopter for beginners.

Not only does it come with an impressive form factor, but it also happens to have an impressive 4 channel single rotor for better control.

The lightning bird uses the latest 2.4 GHz transmitter and comes with a large 3.7w 300mah battery that gives it an overall flight time of about 12 minutes.

The Helizone thunderbird made it onto this list because of its enhanced battery life and superior design aesthetics.

The lightning bird weighs under, which means it's small enough to transport with very little effort. Any new hobbyist will absolutely love this small but powerful RC helicopter.


  • It has a small form factor
  • It can move up and down, left and right, up and down, and side to side.
  • It comes with the latest transmitter and gyro sensors.


  • It’s incredibly small and kind of flimsy
  • It is not made from the most durable materials

9. The Blade Scout RTF 3-Ch helicopter

The Blade Scout is an inexpensive RC helicopter with all the great features and quirks of more expensive helicopters.

Like most modern RC helicopters, this cool pint-sized helicopter comes with 3-channel directional control and a 2.4GHz radio controller.

It also comes with an advanced gyroscope, advanced dual rotor blades, and an impressive 17-gram body. This helicopter is by no means revolutionary.

It, however, made it onto this list because it's so well priced, and it has a battery that provides about 10 minutes of flight time.


  • Comes with the best premium features
  • It comes with an advanced gyroscope that provides impressive multidirectional control and balance.


  • Its body is rather flimsy
  • It has a small battery capacity.

10. The Tenergy Syma S107 helicopter

The Tenergy Syma S107 helicopter is an aesthetic yet powerful beginner-friendly RC helicopter for children.

On the outside, it comes with a very edgy design that accentuates its unique style and speed. It comes with two levels of alloy material fans.

The controller that comes with this amazing device allows two helicopters at the same time.

It comes with dimensions 3.8 inches (body) x 7.5 inches for (main rotors), so it’s small enough to transport without incident, and it can be flown indoors.

The reason why this helicopter made it onto our list is because of its impressive flight time. Due to its battery capacity, form factor, and minimal size, it has a flight time of about 30 minutes.


  • Despite having an impressive thirty-minute operation time, it has a very small battery.
  • It also comes with a charging indicator
  • Comes with two frequencies that allow you to control two RC helicopters at the same time
  • It requires no assembly


  • It comes with the latest Gyroscope sensor.

Buyer's Guide

RC helicopters are not as complicated as most people make them out to be. All you really need to know about before making a decision are the really essential parts. Before you make a purchase decision, you should know about;

The type of helicopter channel you want

In very simple terms, the more channels a helicopter has, the harder it will be to control. As a beginner, you want something like a helicopter with about 3 channels. When you get used to flying the helicopter, then you can advance to sue a 3.5, 4, and even 6 channel helicopter. The higher number of channels indicate how much control and directions your helicopter can fly in.

Think about the availability of the parts

Some RC helicopter parts are not as easy to find as others. When in search of the perfect helicopter for you, you need to choose the products with parts that are easy to track down.

Fuel source

RC helicopters can use either glow fuel, electric batteries, or gasoline. In this guide, we only reviewed helicopters with batteries, as those types of models tend to be more silent. They also last longer on average.

For example, the Holy Stone HS120D FPV Drone has the longest battery life on our list. This is typically twice as long as other popular glow and gasoline options.

Final remarks and Conclusion

Finding the perfect RC helicopter with a long duration of the flight is not that hard. After reading this guide, you should have everything you need to make an informed buying decision.

When you pay special attention to the key safety features, power sources, channels, and sizes, you should be able to find a product that appeals to you.

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