Forget about the toys you enjoyed as a child. You may have raced vehicles, but not these clever racers and off-road monsters that crash into walls and survive, perform stunts, and even leave your youngster more intelligent.

Kids love them. Even adults don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Think of it: A toy that’s super fun to play with and rich in lessons that will advance your child’s cognitive and psychomotor skills and develop their physical and emotional health.

I’ll be letting you in on what to expect from each – that’s the top features, benefits, and drawbacks.

To start you off, here’s a quick overview of the best remote control cars for kids 6-7 years olds.

Best Choice
LEGENDARY 4x4 Off-Road Monster Truck review
LEGENDARY 4x4 Off-Road Monster Truck
  • Run time: 30 min
  • Extremely Durable
  • Batteries: 2 x 7.4V Li-Po 1600 mAh (included)

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Also Great
DOUBLE E 4WD Off-Road Remote Control Monster Truck - Blue review
DOUBLE E 4WD Off-Road Remote Control Monster Truck - Blue
  • Run time: 40 min
  • Two very strong motors
  • Battery: 6V 800 mAh battery pack (included)

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SZJJX RC Car Off-Road Remote Control Car review
SZJJX RC Car Off-Road Remote Control Car
  • Run time: 15-20 min
  • All-terrain
  • Battery: 4.8V 700 mAh (included)

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Hosim 9125 Remote Controlled Off-road RC Electric Monster Truck review
Hosim 9125 Remote Controlled Off-road RC Electric Monster Truck
  • Run time: 10-15 min
  • Premium anti-skid heavy duty wheels
  • Battery: 7.4V 1600 mAh Li-ion-PO (included)

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Redcat Racing Piranha-XTR-10 Piranha TR10 Truggy - Blue review
Redcat Racing Piranha-XTR-10 Piranha TR10 Truggy - Blue
  • Run time: 15-20 min
  • Great design
  • Battery: 7.2V 3800 Ni-Mh (included)

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Distianert 4WD Off-Road Buggy review
Distianert 4WD Off-Road Buggy
  • Run time: 15-20 min
  • 1 extra battery is included
  • Battery: 7.4V 850 mAh (Included)

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SPESXFUN 2019 Updated High Speed RC Car review
SPESXFUN 2019 Updated High Speed RC Car
  • Run time: 20-30 min
  • Unique exterior design
  • Batteries: 2 x 6V 700 mAh Ni-MH (included)

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HAIBOXING RC Car Off-Road Buggy review
HAIBOXING RC Car Off-Road Buggy
  • Run time: 15 min
  • Exciting bashing speeds
  • Batteries: 2 x 7.4V Li-Po 1500 mAh (included)

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HBX All-Terrain Off-Road RC Truck review
HBX All-Terrain Off-Road RC Truck
  • Run time: 10 min
  • Energetic power and
    swift acceleration
  • Battery: 7.4V 650 mAh Li-ion (included)

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Mattel Fast & Furious Blast & Burn Ice Charger Vehicle review
Mattel Fast & Furious Blast & Burn Ice Charger Vehicle
  • Has lights and sounds
  • Can fire “missiles” from the vehicle
  • Snow tires iincluded

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LEGENDARY 4x4 Off-Road Monster Truck

Just as described by the manufacturer, this car is a legend.

And it’s not hard to see why.

First, it boasts crazy high speeds, maxing out at 30 mph. This vehicle can compete with the fastest RC trucks!

Well-lubricated metallic shocks completed by giant rubber tires qualify it as the ultimate off-roading giant.

Then there’s the packaging. Just looking at it evokes excitement reassuring it’s suitability as the most stimulating gift you can ever get your child on their birthday, Christmas, or other special occasions.

Those features aside, this RC car is made not just for kids but adults and just about any RC enthusiast.

Overall, this is a well-designed feature-rich toy with top-level performance. Make it the special gift for his/her occasion and you’ll be cherished for eternity

Top Features

  • Two LI-Po 7.4 V 1600 mAh rechargeable batteries (and a battery connector to increase playtime)
  • Powered by two brushed built-in motors
  • Four-wheel suspension system
  • 4 GHz radiofrequency with a range of 250 feet
  • Ergonomically designed controller


  • Comes fully assembled so you can use it straight out of the box
  • Can withstand wet terrains because it’s waterproof
  • Ability to use two batteries at a go doubles up playtime
  • Boasts two-speed modes that enhance its versatility when it comes to space and user level
  • Has a relatively high speed compared to its counterparts


  • Too fast and powerful for indoor use, even when on low-speed mode

DOUBLE E 4WD Off-Road Remote Control Monster Truck - Blue

Tough terrains, falls and bumps, less careful drivers, you name it, this quiet monster truck is made for them all. Make it a gift to your boy or girl as well and you’ll not be disappointed at all.

Here’s why:

From the imposing buggy look completed by powerful suspensions to the dual motors engineered to deliver ample amounts of torque, this little truck will no doubt match up to your child’s wild adventures.

Not forgetting to mention the solid front and rear dual motors. The resulting performance makes this truck the ultimate choice for rough or uneven terrains.

For the best experiences outdoors and in the toughest of surfaces make DOUBLE E one of the best RC Trucks for children of that age.

Top Features

  • Dual motor design
  • Four suspension springs
  • Simulated front lights
  • Rechargeable 6V 800 mAh battery pack
  • 4GHz frequency with a maximum range of 260 feet


  • Super responsive steering and throttle combined with a powerful 2.4GHz frequency yields a smooth and effortless control experience
  • Tough rugged wheels add to the stability and traction the truck requires to maneuver any terrain
  • Addition of simulated front lights intensifies the driving experience, making it more practical and real for kids
  • Multiple suspension springs enable the truck to face the strongest of vibrations without passing the damage to the internal components


  • Must be assembled, which takes a bit of time and effort

SZJJX RC Car Off-Road Remote Control Car

Think of a well-built low-cost RC buddy that climbs things like rocks with ease and rarely disappoints when made to face the toughest of terrains.

If it's your main purpose then I can recommend you to read our previous article with the comparison of the Best RC Crawlers available in the market.

I would love such because then I get the best bang for my bucks and more importantly, I get to have lots of fun for less.

That’s exactly what the SZJJX RC car promises to deliver. As you would guess, this little monster is almost crush-proof and boasts powerful suspensions and rugged tires that deliver top-grade performance no matter the surface.

If you are looking to find the best remote control car for a 7-year-old who is fresh into racing, this toy would be a great place to start, given its decent performance, ease of use, and power.

Top Features

  • Top speeds of 15km/h
  • Fixed with a direction spanner beneath it to guide the car when it veers off from its path
  • Independent suspension springs fixed to each wheel
  • Massive PVC rubber tires
  • 8v 700 mAh batteries
  • 2.4 GHz radiofrequency with a range of 60-100m


  • The remote control can operate multiple cars at a go seamlessly
  • Superior climbing capacity
  • The PVC rubber tires guarantee a firm grip on just about any surface
  • A solid protection rack adds to the longevity of the car while protecting the inner components from damage in case of a crush
  • With the help of bouncy suspension springs and a 4-wheel drive system, this buddy can take on hostile surfaces and terrains fearlessly


  • Relatively shorter battery life

Hosim 9125 Remote Controlled Off-road RC Electric Monster Truck

Here’s yet another hobby-grade off-road gem that prides itself on being a speedster and a cross-country king.

Many in possession of this buddy speak of its stellar performance in open areas, like a park.

You will love the ground clearance, which is completed by a low center of gravity to ensure this buddy doesn’t flip when cornering sharp bends at high speeds.

Thanks to the twin motors, this buddy carries the power to climb over anything and move through a mature grassland or hostile terrain with ease.

Hosim 9125 RC Electric Monster Truck impresses on almost all fronts: It’s fun, fast, powerful, handles well, expect exceptional customer services, you name it.

Give it and try and you’ll find out more.

Better still, go get it as a special holiday gift for your child, especially if you want them to play outside more.

Top Features

  • Boasts a top speed of 30 mph (46km/h)
  • Uses anti-skid heavy-duty PVC rubber tires
  • Powered by a 7.4V 160 mAh Li-ion PO battery
  • Utilizes two built-in brushed motors
  • 4 GHz radio system with a maximum range of 80m (263 feet)
  • Two-speed modes to match the user level


  • Possess two-speed modes (full speed and half speed), a fact that makes it suitable for learning and ideal for both kids but adults
  • Each wheel has been paired with bouncing suspensions that provide support to unforeseen falls and in odd terrains
  • The aggressive anti-skid rubber wheels are made to comfortably match the aggressiveness of just about any terrain
  • Made of a tough Lexan body strong enough to survive wall knocks, bush invasions, and flips


  • Slightly more expensive than its competitors but offers great value for money

Redcat Racing Piranha-XTR-10 Truggy - Blue

Meet the tough 2WD off-road monster made to match your youngster’s wild adventures. Be it a rough ride around the yard or a session on the track, trust the Redcat Racing Piranha TR10 to handle both like a piece of cake.

I can bet my valuable hat that you will cherish the build quality.

It may be a combination of plastic and nylon, but the resilience and determination this RC Truggy boasts of is exactly what your 7-year old child needs to conquer any kind of trail.

Once this off-road giant is in your possession, it’s all systems go. No assembly whatsoever, saving you time and effort.

If you care so much about superior performance and getting the best value for your money, look no further than this RC electric Truggy.

Top Features

  • 2-wheel drive system
  • Oil-filled adjustable suspensions
  • Aggressive off-road tires
  • 540 brushed electric motor
  • Waterproof 2-in-1 ESC/receiver
  • 4 GHz radio system with 100-meter range
  • 2V 2000mAh NIMH battery (with charger)


  • Build to last and endure tough use
  • It’s feature-rich yet affordable so you get the best bang for your buck
  • The Truggy design, combined with decent ground clearance, aggressive tires, and tunable suspensions give it a super impressive performance
  • Expect enough torque from the motor to enable it to tear through the roughest of surfaces


  • Turning radius could be better. Lots of skill may be required to turn it around
  • Powerful batteries may strain the plastic gears in the transmission causing them to underperform

Distianert 4WD Off-Road Buggy

Imagine complete and accurate control over a super-fast buggy. One that maxes out at 30MPH, can ramp into things and hold up well, perform exceptionally fine on your carpet and hardwood floor as it would on the beach, park, or in the wild.

Want to know the best part?

All these fun can go on for almost half an hour - that’s when the truck’s batteries might run out of juice, but this won’t be the end of it. The extra batteries will bump up your playtime with an extra 30 minutes.

Quite exciting, right?

Top speed, decent power, and ability to maneuver just about any surface with ease set the Distianert 4WD Off-Road Buggy apart from its close competitors.

Plus, it’s durable and just tough enough to withstand your son’s or daughter’s antics.

Top Features

  • Maximum speed of 30 MPH
  • Heavy duty all-terrain tires
  • Responsive remote controls with a range of up to 100 meters
  • Shock-proof stable springs
  • Powered by 7.4 V rechargeable batteries (plus an extra 1200 mAh battery)


  • Bouncy suspensions minimize the possibility of the car flipping over or laboring when handling unstable surfaces
  • Made with a powerful turbine to enable it to survive any terrain while maintaining a stable performance
  • Paring the top speed with a responsive radio controller gives you complete and precise control
  • Heavy-duty rubber tires, complete with a decent grip and spikes guarantee superior performance in tough terrains


  • It’s not waterproof, making it unsuitable for wet terrains

SPESXFUN 2019 Updated High-Speed RC Car

Beneath this RC beauty lies a thirsty beast. SPESXFUN 2019 Updated RC car takes pride in being super-fast, well-built, and powerful enough to face the extremities of speeding on a track, tearing through defiant grass, and maneuvering bully terrains.

Here’s where it gets interesting: If you don’t mind a bit of fun, both you and your kids can own and enjoy this beauty. Here’s a taste of how that feels:

And looking at all the clever features packed into it, consider it a great choice for ushering them into the complex side of the automotive world.

The versatility of this RC car combined with the overall appearance and performance makes it worth its price and definitely the best remote control car a 6-year-old.

What’s more, the remote control doesn’t delay at all, giving you superior control over the distances and directions.

Top Features

  • Top speed of 15-25KM/H
  • 1/16 scale design
  • Powered by two in-built motors
  • Shock-proof suspensions
  • Anti-slip tires
  • Two rechargeable NI-MH battery packs (3 X 1.5V AA)
  • 4GHz frequency with a control range of 40-50m


  • Top speeds that match those of an actual racing car
  • Decent battery life of up to 30 minutes
  • The massive anti-slip tires offer a decent grip and support effective braking
  • Solid shock-proof springs to stabilize the car’s performance in difficult terrains
  • A peculiar exterior look complete with a cockpit and frame add to the beauty of this RC car


  • Not a 4-wheel drive. Nonetheless, it’s a capable off-roader

RC Car Off-Road Buggy High Speed LED Lights

Almost no buggy comes as over-equipped as the HAIBOXING RC Car. Serve it those steep jumps and dreadful terrains and it will handle them like it’s child’s play.

Add a bit of darkness, wet terrain and the result won't be less.

Honestly, who wouldn’t wish to have this?

In addition to being well-built, this RC car is very manageable and very equipped to serve its purpose.

Even though it’s on the higher side of the price scale, looking at all it’s able to deliver, you’ll be getting great value for your bucks.

Top Features

  • 4-wheel drive system powered by the RC390 brushed motor
  • Fitted with four lamps for your nightshift adventures
  • Independent suspensions
  • Huge all-terrain rubber tires
  • Two 3.7V 1500 mAh batteries
  • 2.4 GHz radio frequency stretching over 280 feet


  • Made with a waterproof receiver, a fact that makes it absolutely safe to drive the buggy in rain or through water
  • The damage-proof metal diff adds to the toughness and ability to withstand heavy jumps
  • Just as the name suggests, the all-terrain tires enable you to drive this buggy just about anywhere without worrying how it will survive


  • Transmitter range relatively short compared to its close competitors
  • Slightly expensive but worth the price

HBX All-Terrain Off-Road RC Truck (Red)

The HBX may be small but it’s a capable little monster truck with astonishing speed and off-road capabilities.

Put the pedal to the metal and this compact truck will reach speeds of up to 22 mph.

Drive this buggy into bumpy difficult terrains and you’ll be amazed at how the independent suspensions and high-grip premium tires make such tasks plain easy for it.

Any child, regardless of their skill level, can enjoy and learn a lot from this mini truck. Durability is guaranteed, and best of all, it’s very affordable.

If you are looking for a starter RC car or truck that doesn't cost a lot - you can find it in our list of top-rated cheap RC cars.

Top Features

  • Utilizes RC380 brushed motors
  • Has independent suspensions on each wheel
  • 4 GHz radiofrequency with a range of 280 feet (85 meters)
  • Powered by a 7.4V 60mAh Li-ion battery pack
  • Makes use of classic ball bearing


  • Boasts two-speed options to fit different skill levels, from beginners to advanced users and even enthusiasts
  • Excellent customer support by the company instills more confidence in the truck
  • The independent suspensions combined with the solid gear diff, v-tread heavy-duty tires, and the classic ball bearings guarantee stable performance and protection from potentially damaging impacts


  • It might take you a while to learn and master steering it
  • Not waterproof but can withstand the occasional splash

Mattel Fast & Furious Blast & Burn Ice Charger Vehicle

Plucked straight from an iconic movie, Mattel fast and furious r/c vehicle is a simulation of the greatest movie car of all time – Dominic Toretto’s Dodge charger.

With this 16-inch car, your child can relive the most pulsating scenes from the movie or even go a notch higher and create their own.

Like in the movie Fast and Furious, this car can deliver stimulating action and withstand nearly all kinds of turmoil your youngster will subject it to.

Overall, this would be a great affordable RC toy to gift your son as they immerse themselves in the automotive world and try to relive memories of their superheroes.

Watch the car in action in the video below:

Top Features

  • Comes with snow tires, wheelie tires, projectile missiles, and mountable Gatling dummy gun
  • Expect lots of lights and sounds
  • Comes complete with full-function RC capabilities


  • You can make this speedster do wheelies which adds to the fun
  • The snow tires will intensify your drift action on icy surfaces
  • Using the remote control, you can fire missiles during your chase or heist actions


  • You can’t turn off the sound. This may not be a big deal for youngins though
  • It’s not as powerful as an R/C truck but it performs well within its limits, especially indoors

Buyer's guide

Great question. Now, as you shop around for the best remote control car for your 7-year-old child, don’t just take the manufacturer’s word for it; go the extra mile.

To begin with, understand that you are shopping for your little one and so, their preference isn’t going to be similar to that of experienced RC enthusiasts.

That aside, you’ll want to get them what’s best RC vehicle for their age, with things like safety and ease of use taking the front line.

Granted, a spec sheet for a remote-controlled car for this age may not be as spectacular as that of an RC truck for a teenager or RC enthusiast.

But let’s not forget that most kids this age are most probably getting their feet wet into the automotive universe and a beginner-friendly buggy would serve them right at this stage.

In brief, here’s what you should look out for:

On-road Or Off-road?

Whichever option you decide to go with, it’s important to know the expectations. On-road cars are made to handle great on smooth surfaces, like your hallway, indoor space, on concrete.

Once it’s of these surfaces, the performance takes a dive.

Off-road cars, on the other hand, are made to tolerate rough, bumpy, uneven and hostile terrains.

Design Matters  To Kids

As you’ve probably noticed, the majority of the RC cars in this review carry that look of an aggressive, well-built, tough vehicle not intimidated by hostile terrains or your extreme play ideas.

For kids aged 6 or 7-year-old, this is a win as most of them usually want the biggest and toughest of trucks for their wild adventures.

Remote Control And Range

I would suggest you don’t settle for anything less than 2.4GHz remote control. This is because the majority of them offer more options and variety when it comes to controlling and distance.

Plus, they are also more accurate and offer more than one channel.

Is The Vehicle Safe For Kids?

Check the material used to make the vehicle. Are they non-toxic?

Is There Room For Upgrades And Modifications?

Don’t forget that these trucks aren’t immune to crashes. In fact, expect more of that, given that kids will want to push the little monsters to their limits.

With the potential for damage and need to leverage their capabilities, it would be best if the car you opt for gives you more room to mess around with the power, suspensions, and other related components.

How About Additional Features?

This would be things like sounds, lights, music, etc. They add to the fun and make play-time more exciting and dramatic.

That’s not all, though. A few more aspects you’ll want to keep in mind are:

  1. Does the RC car come equipped to promote the user’s educational value, like hand-eye coordination?
  2. Does the remote have kid-friendly controls? Note that pistol-grip style is the most preferred for kids this age, followed by steering and throttle.
  3. How long does the battery last? For most RC cars in our reviews, the average time is 20-30 minutes, which is decent.

Final Thoughts

You’ve probably noticed that each RC car on this list has its outstanding qualities.

Some are purely off-road monsters, like the DOUBLE E 4WD Off-Road Remote Control Monster Truck - Blue, LEGEND 4 x4 Off-Road Monster Truck, and the HAIBOXING RC Car Off-Road Buggy

Others like the Hosim 9125 Remote Controlled Off-road RC Electric Monster Truck and the SPESXFUN 2019 Updated High-Speed RC Car would be a great fit if your kid is fresh into this hobby.

Not forgetting to mention the HBX All-Terrain Off-Road RC Truck and Mattel Fast & Furious Blast & Burn Ice Charger Vehicle, both affordable options for those with a tighter budget.

And for those looking for the best value, you will definitely find Redcat Racing Piranha-XTR-10 Piranha TR10 Truggy ideal for your wish.


Since kids are our main focus, don’t forget to go for a car that’s durable, packed with impressive features, fun to drive, and safe for them.

This way, you will be proud of your decision later and your little ones will live to cherish your gift to them.

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