You may be wondering:

What’s the deal with toddler RC cars? Does my little one really need one?

The simple answer is yes, they do. Or they could miss out on a lot of nice things, and that's something you don't want to happen to them this early.

Many, many toddlers are determined explorers who learn better by doing things. And remote control cars for toddlers sit at the top because they nurture their thinking, language, emotional, cognitive, among other skills.

Now, don’t you think that’s a gift they’ll hold dear?  Even better, I've gathered a couple of them for you to begin with.

That was after looking into their design, age-specifications purpose, safety features, reviews by fellow parents, among other aspects.

In the review, I take a detailed look at the best RC Cars for toddlers which you can buy in the market now. I'm absolutely convinced that it helps you to choose the right one!

Holy Stone RC Dump TruckTruck3 AA batteries (not rechargeable)4.3
HAK101 Invincible Tornado Twister Multifunctional Rechargeable RC CarStunt CarRechargeable 4.8V 500 mAh Ni-Cd battery3.9
Pretext Cartoon Cement and Dump Truck Toy Pack Cement & DumpTruck3AA batteries (not rechargeable)3.9
Toch RC Truck Toy For KidsTruck3AA batteries (not rechargeable)3.9
Disney Mickey And The Roadster Racers R/C CarRacecar4AA batteries (not rechargeable)3.9
Fisher-Price My Easy RC VehicleRacecar4AA batteries( not rechargeable)4.1
Prextex Cartoon Police And Race CarPolice & Race Car3 AA Batteries4.5
JOYIN Toy RC Radio Remote Control Cartoon Stunt Race Car for ToddlersStunt carRechargeable 2 AA batteries4.1
Little Tikes Tire TwisterStunt & Racecar3 AA batteries(not rechargeable)4.0
VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Speedway RC SmartPoint Racer (2-Pack)Racecar2 AAA batteries(not rechargeable)4.1

Holy Stone RC Dump Truck

Holy Stone dump truck rcguides

Toddlers tend to fancy cartoon characters, mostly because they find them entertaining. I can bet my boots that it will be no different with the Holy Stone RC Dump Truck.

Just like the name suggests, this little toy moves like a dump truck and even has a construction worker onboard that your toddler can detach. But that’s not all.

Here's the part you will love: The skills we all desire our young ones to learn, like spare awareness and hand-eye coordination, can all be achieved with this toy.

Top Features

  • Shiny design completed by vivid colors
  • Can drive forward and reverse/left
  • Boasts honking sounds, music, and headlights activated by a press button
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries
  • Made for kids aged over 18 months


  • 4 wheel drive (4WD)
  • An off-road truck that can run on grass and mud
  • Superb crawling technology
  • 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Runs on 4 AA batteries for the truck and 3 AA batteries for remote control
  • Built at a 1:18 scale


  • Regular replacement of batteries can be exhausting

HAK101 Invincible Tornado Twister RC Car

Haktoys HAK101 Blue Invincible Tornado Acrobatic Stunt RC Car for toddlers

HAK101 is your toddler’s ticket to unlimited fun, thanks to a long list of exciting features. Think of daring stunts, spectacular spins, thrilling tricks, and crazy speeds. This toy offers them all, and so much more.

Also, it goes the extra mile when it comes to ensuring your playtime lasts longer and the car doesn't take forever to recharge.

Guess what, this beauty can take a beating, again and again. Be it a chilling turn or that horrifying roll, it will survive them all and take some more.

Top Features

  • Bright and colorful LED lights
  • Stylish look completed by translucent wheels
  • Powered by a rechargeable 4.8V 500 mAh Ni-Cd battery
  • Relatively shorter charging time (1.5 hours)
  • The battery life of 15-20 minutes
  • Bendable antenna


  • Well-built and sturdy enough to withstand tough and rough playing
  • Lots of entertaining options onboard which translates to complete satisfaction
  • The remote makes use of an intelligent bendable antenna for optimum clarity and preciseness during play. Being bendable also means it’s safe and can’t possibly be a safety hazard
  • Presence of lights and sounds add to the fun experience during play
  • Very helpful customer service. Trust the company to help you out of any issue that arises after the purchase


  • The music is a bit loud. Thankfully, there’s a switch to end you can press to end the drama.
  • Do you want those birthdays and special occasions for your toddler to be memorable and packed with excitement? Look no further than the HAK101 Invincible Tornado Twister Multifunctional Rechargeable RC Car.

Toch RC Truck Toy For Kids

Torch RC Truck for toddlers

Toch’s truck toy makes this hobby a breeze. Press one button and voila! It’s game on. Just what a toddler doing this for the first time needs, right?

Oh, that’s just the beginning. His attention won’t be spared either. The sweet music and bright lights guarantee a fun-filled experience.

Top Features

  • One-buttoned controller
  • Stylish cartoon-like design
  • Detachable driver
  • Made with purely non-toxic materials
  • Runs on 3AA batteries
  • Flexible soft antenna


  • Attractive and simple to operate, both of which are top qualities ideal toddler cars should posses
  • Your child is assured of absolute safety, thanks to the use of ABS material, smoothed edges, and exclusion of sharp turns (only 360-degree turns)
  • The cartoon-like colorful design makes it an attraction to toddlers


  • No button to switch off the sounds 
  • Maybe you are looking for something simple and affordable yet capable of living up to its promise to your toddler. If so, make this toy your top priority.

Pretext Cartoon Cement and Dump Truck Toy Pack

cement and dump truck for toddlers rguides

Forget the lone remote controlled cars for babies. This time round, your toddler has a chance at exploring a pack of cartoon RC toys that complement each other - a cement and dump truck.

They say curiosity makes you smarter, right? You may not have thought about this yet, but this pack might just be your toddler’s first step into exploiting the engineering universe.

Top Features

  • Can play  a tune, flash lights, and make authentic engine sounds
  • Two trucks complete with detachable construction figures
  • Powered by 3AA batteries
  • Uses 2.4 GHz radio frequency
  • Made with top-quality plastic material


  • The beautifully-designed packing makes it an ideal gift to surprise your toddler with
  • Both vehicles can be played at once without any complications, thanks to the 2.4 GHz frequency
  • Can hold up well to steep jumps and collisions with walls and hard objects, thanks to the solid plastic they are made of
  • Only has two buttons, making it simple enough for a toddler to learn and navigate


  • No button to switch off the sounds 
  • Batteries tend to run out quickly but only after an episode of thrilling action 
  • Your 18-month kid may struggle to make this toy move but give it to your two-year-old youngster and watch them reach the peak of excitement as they put it through its paces. 

Disney Mickey And The Roadster Racers R/C Car

disney mickey rc car for toddlers

Picture your curious toddler marvel at Mickey’s roadster spring into action, whirl his way around the floor, then suddenly transform into a sedan at the press of a button.

Well, that’s exactly what your little one needs to make their holiday and playtimes worthwhile and memorable.

Remember, kids, tend to put their favorite cartoon characters on a pedestal. Mickey is among the most favorite and they would do anything for a moment with him, including playtime with a toy named after him.

Watch the video below to see it in action:

Top Features

  • It’s a transforming RC car/2 in 1 car
  • Makes sounds and glimmers during action
  • Has three messages to deliver from Mickey
  • Can move into four directions - forward/back and right/left
  • Powered by 4AA batteries
  • 2.4 GHz radiofrequency


  • Has an easy-to-use grippy remote with well-labeled buttons that make it so convenient even for a beginner toddler
  • When left on for long, a timeout shut off mechanism takes effect to save energy making it have a longer runtime
  • Addition of lights and sounds boost the fun during playtime


  • Slightly delicate and comprises a number of small parts, thus needs to be handled with care
  • Your toddler will most definitely cherish this RC car at first sight and go on to enjoy it while it lasts. In the end, he/she will be happy and you will earn more of their affection. If that’s an experience you’d love to have, go get this toy for them

Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicle

Fisher price for toddlers

Where speed and simplicity matter, this Fisher RC vehicle takes the lead. Here, you have a chance to usher your toddler into racing and teach them how to do it like the pros in Formula 1.

The two parent-controlled speed modes will make sure you do it right.

Then here's where it gets better:  The remote carries just one button sectioned into four directions where you could turn and drive the RC car towards.

Press a one-directional button and watch the little speedster turn and speed towards your target.

Top Features

  • Easy-to-operate remote control
  • Beginner and expert speed modes
  • Powered by 6AA batteries
  • Has an auto shut-off feature that helps to conserve battery life
  • Can be driven left, right, backward or forward


  • Taking your toddler through the beginner stages all the way to the pro stage helps to build their confidence plus a sense of accomplishment
  • The four directional buttons make it so simple to use, a fact that makes it a great fit for toddlers
  • Your toddler may not always remember to shut off the toy in order to save energy but the auto shut-off feature takes care of that
  • No small components or sharp edges that would compromise the safety of your child


  • May not withstand rough and tough use for long
  • Think of the many skills this car can leave your toddler with: color recognition, understanding cause and effect, better hand-eye coordination, spatial intelligence, a sense of accomplishment. Don't we all want that for them? Give them an opportunity to gain all that by getting this toy.

Prextex Cartoon Police And Race Car

Prextex Cartoon police car for toddlers

Let's face it, don't we all find a police chase intriguing? I do, and I bet it's no different for toddlers.

Given a chance to a chance to stage one right inside your living room, I don't think they would mind at all. And that's precisely what this pack promises.

You have a police chase car and a race car ready to go toe to toe and the easy-to-use remote control will make sure your toddlers have it easy taking the toys through their paces.

Place the cop and racer into their cars and the sounds will come to life, signaling that it's time to get into action. What follows will be exhilarating action.

This is the best choice if you are looking for the first RC car for your toddler.

Top Features

  • It's a pack comprising two RC vehicles - a police car and a race car
  • Expect multiple sounds, from police sirens and honking to music and intense engine sounds
  • Uses 3AA batteries
  • Action figures for each car i.e. a cop and a racing driver


  • Made with durable material to withstand extreme play action
  • Can go either forward or backward, making them easy to operate for a toddler
  • Made with bright colors and has flashing lights that make them an attraction to kids
  • Each toy has its own frequency to allow you to play them simultaneously


  • Some parents find the continuous flashing lights on the race car annoying
  • One thing you can't go wrong with while trying to do something nice for your younger ones is finding them a car that's almost indestructible, fun, easy to use, and irresistibly cute. This pack promises that

JOYIN Toy RC Cartoon Stunt Race Car for Toddlers

joyin rc car for toddlers

Meet what every parent calls the coolest and entertaining stunt remote car for a baby, and they are right. Right from the bright shiny colors to blazing speeds and flashing tires, this car lives up to its name.

Unlike your ordinary RC car, this one has 6 wheels yet it’s so easy to operate and precisely what your young kids need to quickly advance their hand to eye coordination skills.

Top Features

  • Uses rechargeable 2 AA batteries
  • Boasts 4 channel controls
  • Intuitive and simple controllers
  • Uses a 2.4 GHz radiofrequency with a range of more than 100 ft
  • Upward-facing rotating wheels (360 degrees)
  • There are music and flashlights


  • With the 4 channel controls, your toddler has a chance to pull off astonishing stunts, like erect forward running 
  • Fairly priced to match your tighter budget 
  • Easy-to-push controls that are simple to learn for your young kid 
  • It can spin, move on a straight line, play music and light up, making it super fun and accommodative to children' interests
  • The rechargeable battery saves you the pain of having to buy new batteries every now and then


  • No volume control or switch to turn off the sounds 
  • Loud uncontrolled music aside, this little neat and stylish toy has what it takes to leave your toddler happy and with better hand-eye coordination skills. Plus it’s very affordable yet rich invaluable features.

Little Tikes Tire Twister

Little like twister car for toddlers

Two toys in one! Pretty uncommon, right? But if you are big on seeing just how far RC manufacturers go in making wild and super fun toys, look no further than the Little Tikes Tire Twister.

You have a toy car that can swiftly move forward or backward and even do 360-degree spins.  Then there's the bigger tire, also activated by a remote and capable of some wild action.

While inside the tire, the car can move and do backflips, mostly to change the direction of the tire and spin it 360 degrees. RaceGrooves explore the car further in the video below:

Top Features

  • Two toys in one - An easy-to-steer RC race car and a big tire that lights up and spins
  • The race car needs 3 AA batteries to run
  •  Uses 2.4 GHz frequency


  • Tough and sturdy enough to withstand the extreme actions of your toddler
  • Your toddler can play with the tire twister inside or outside the tire. That's extra entertainment for them.
  • The car can take a beating, thanks to the solid materials it's made of, plus it's capable of moving well over the carpet, hardwood floors, and rugs.


  • When it comes to operating both, it may take a while before your toddler gets the hang of it and maximizes their potential
  • Given the uniqueness of this toy, your toddler will no doubt get the kick out of making it spin, twist, and race outside the tire. Make this opportunity available to them and they'll have sweet memories to look back to.

VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Speedway RC SmartPoint Racer (2-Pack)

v-tech-go-go 2 pack rc cars for toddlers

No RC car for toddlers comes close to nurturing creativity and amplifying imagination they way Vtech's Go! Go! does.

Your little one has a shot at saving the day, launching off jump pads, taking a flight, and lot's of other imaginative play.

With their little fingers, they'll have an easy time manipulating the toys. The manufacturer made it possible for them to either use their hands or remote control.  But that's just where the fun begins.

Note that this pack only comprises two race cars. The Go! Go! SmartWheels Ultimate RC Speedway is sold separately.

Top Features

  • Plays different tunes and sound effects to match the SmartPoint location
  • Has a light-up button that activates sounds, music, and sweet phrases
  • The remote control boasts three frequencies that enable the user to race up to 3 cars simultaneously
  • Uses 2 AAA batteries



  • You have the option to experience extra fun achieved by collecting more Go! GO! vehicles and playsets
  • It can be used on and off the Go! Go! Smart Wheels Ultimate RC speedway which adds to their versatility
  • Presence of music and sounds for different occasions  will help greatly in sound identification skills


  • Not able to make corners along the track
  • Battery life is relatively short
  • You may want to get the extras if you want your kid to have more fun and to enjoy the toys in their later years. In the meantime, the two race cars will just serve your toddler right and leave them entertained and happy.

Buyer's guide: How to choose the best RC car for Your Toddler?

Before you go shopping, there are a few things you’ll want to think about. Obviously, you want a car that fits your needs and most importantly, those of your kid.

Plus, you’ll want all the information a parent would care to know in order to buy the best remote car for their baby.

Let’s take a quick look at each.

Age Matters

While you shop around, you’ll notice RC cars are designed for different age groups. Manufacturers usually specify that in the product description or package.

This is done for safety reasons, considering that the cars are motorized. Most cars for toddlers are often small and light, with one or two-speed modes.

Can It Withstand Tough Use?

Imagine spending your hard-earned bucks on a car that wouldn’t even last a day. None of us would want that to be their fate.

But that might just happen if you fail to examine the build quality and construction of the RC car.

I suggest you go for the type that can withstand spinning, survive to ram into walls, among other related accidents.

What’s The Runtime?

Find out how long the car can run before the battery runs out of juice. Pay attention to the battery capacity.  More voltage means more runtime.

The motor matters too because the efficient ones tend to be kind to the battery.

However, if the RC car is the powerful kind, say a 4WD type, expect it to use more power thus less runtime, compared to their 2WD counterparts.


For toddlers, safety should be a major factor. Things like weight, speed, volt variations, ease of use, and design should be evaluated based on your toddler’s height, age, and skill level.


Expect to come across a variety of models and designs like you would while shopping for a vehicle for yourself.

Common varieties include cars, monster trucks, buggies, truggies, SUVs, and motorcycles

Your toddler most probably has a preference. So it’s up to you to figure out which model they love the most.

What Do Fellow Buyers Say?

You can find feedback about remote cars for toddlers on forums and online shopping websites from parents.

Usually, it’s how their kid’s interaction with the RC car panned out. Such information will be helpful in helping you decide whether the car is worth a try or not.

Obviously, you want your youngster to have the best experience and memories with the car you choose for them. That can be achieved by paying attention to the following:

Remote control range - 2.4GHz pistol-grip remote controls tend to have increased range and more control

Modifications and upgrades - Is the car the modification-ready kind?

Can the car handle multiple terrains?

Is the car repairable and are spare parts easily available?

Looking for something more serious? Check out our complete guide about the best RC cars and trucks for the 2 to 3-years-old kids.

Final Thoughts

Clearly, there's an RC car to fit all the needs and preferences you can think of, not only for your toddler but also for you, the parent, guardian or their senior.

So, it seems like you have no excuse left but to figure which car in this list matches your expectations.

Want a toy that comes as your kids' favorite cartoon character? Try Holy Stone RC Dump Truck, Toch RC Truck Toy For Kids, Pretext Cartoon Cement and Dump Truck Toy Pack, Disney Mickey And The Roadster Racers R/C Car, or Prextex Cartoon Police And Race Car.

And if you are big on beauty, lights, and lots of entertainment, the HAK101 Invincible Tornado Twister Multifunctional Rechargeable RC Car has all your wishes catered for.

Speedsters too haven't been left behind. Look no further than the VTech Go! Go! Smart Wheels Speedway RC SmartPoint Racer (2-Pack) and Fisher-Price My Easy RC Vehicle for that cherished adrenaline rush racers crave.

Keep looking and I'm sure you'll find that RC toy your toddler deserves.

Don’t forget to make sure the toy is safer and very promising when it comes to entertainment value and the development of mental skills.

Think of it this way. Is the toy working his/her mind and body to solve problems? Does it need them to come up with new ideas?

If yes, you have a perfect match, like the ones on our list.

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